As much of a pain and a source of irritation as it is for everyone, there’s an unfortunate fact of life that we all need to deal with: things naturally fall out of order, break down, and become more chaotic if left alone.

If you don’t mow your lawn, it will get overgrown with weeds. If you go a while without tidying up your home, it will become covered in dust and clutter, and you’ll probably find some unwanted pests making themselves comfortable.

There are many tricky situations that you might end up in as a result of the challenges life throws your way, and those situations may end up with you looking for a jewelry secured pawn loan, or having to think about a serious home move.

Whatever situations you are confronted by, however, having some everyday practices and routines for helping to keep things in order can do a lot of good.

Here are some suggestions.

Use an intuitive and effective to-do list app

Between handling your work obligations, dealing with your household chores, reminding yourself to get your car serviced by a particular date, and all of the many other things you undoubtedly have to keep track of each day, it can all too easy to feel swamped by complexity.

Using an intuitive and effective to-do list app — one that’s pleasant to use and that lets you catalogue and review things easily on the go — can make a major difference with regards to alleviating stress, helping you to stay on top of things, and keeping you more organised, day-by-day.

Maintain consistency in your key daily routines and schedules

Keeping things “in order” begins, first and foremost, with making your own routines more orderly and organised.

No matter how generally good you are at keeping your home tidy, or updating your to-do list, things are simply much more likely to fall into disarray or to veer off track if your everyday routines are totally unpredictable.

Aim to go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day. This will help to calibrate your circadian rhythm properly, and to get better sleep and enjoy better health, while also adding an important element of stability to your days.

Utilise good time management techniques like the Pomodoro Method

Being well organised has a lot to do with good time management in general.

If you can’t do the things you’re supposed to, when you’re supposed to, and in the right sort of timeframe, you have very little if any hope of being organised in any other area of your life.

Utilising good time management techniques such as the Pomodoro Method can help you to avoid getting caught up in procrastination, and can ensure that you’re able to keep on top of your various chores and obligations, while also ensuring that you can make headway on your own personal projects without feeling swamped.

A lot of the time, disorder ends up happening as a result of poor time management.