There are few better feelings than hitting the open road for your next adventure. That sense of freedom and independence is one enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of motorhome owners every year in the UK.

Whether it’s a drive into some of the most remote areas of the country, a cruise along a scenic seaside route or even a journey over land and sea, motorhome holidays offer no end of possibilities and places to explore.

But, as with any trip, there are things to think about first. It’s important to be organised – you don’t want to be hundreds of miles from home and realise you’ve forgotten something essential. So, here’s our list of everything you’ll need for your next motorhome holiday.


Let’s deal with the formalities first, shall we? Anyone likely to be driving during your holiday will need to make sure they have their licence handy, while you’ll need everyone’s passports if you’re heading overseas. Hopefully you won’t have to call upon it, but you’ll need your motorhome insurance documentation in the event of an accident or a breakdown. The vehicle’s manual should also be on hand, just in case you need to check any potential issues.


The beauty of life on the road is that you can stop and eat almost anywhere you like. But to be able to cook for yourself and your fellow travellers, you’re going to need a selection of pots, pans, utensils and of course crockery from which to eat. Try and store these securely in a cupboard where they are unlikely to move around during transit.


You want your vehicle to feel like a home away from home, so it makes sense to retain that feeling of familiarity by taking your usual duvet and pillows. After long days of exploring, you’ll feel the benefit of settling down for a good night’s sleep before finding out what the following day has in store.


If you’re travelling with kids, you’ll need something to keep them occupied during long drives. So, remember to pack handheld games, cards and colouring books. And don’t forget, you can’t beat a good game of eye spy while out on the road!

Road safety equipment

Hopefully, your trip will be smooth sailing all the way but it pays to be well prepared and that’s why it’s important to pack a few safety items. A spare tyre, warning triangle, high-visibility clothing, an extra fuel cannister and a first aid kit should all make it onto your list. Better to be safe than sorry!