Exactly what Does Today’s Generation Want? The Answer May Surprise You

Millennials can sometimes be a confusing batch. They are into the latest fads, and most have minute details of their life displayed on their social media accounts. Buying them a gift can be frustrating, don’t …

Millennials can sometimes be a confusing batch. They are into the latest fads, and most have minute details of their life displayed on their social media accounts. Buying them a gift can be frustrating, don’t stress.

You are not alone because even the parents of millennials struggle with getting their kids the right kind of gifts. This is why we’ve put together this guide to help those in a quandary with the right gifts for today’s generation.

You’ll find below a list of gifts that today’s generation would be thrilled to receive and one that can cause your gift some spotlight on their IG stories and other social media platforms.

Portable Photo Printer

Today’s generation is all about instant gratification; of making things happen at the push of a button. A portable photo printer sure fits the bill here.

With the click of a button, their digital memories can be turned into physical keepsakes with just a single click of a button.

Most portable photo printers are compatible with iPhones and Android phones with applications you can download and use for free.

UV Clean Phone Sanitizers

Do you see a trend here? Millennials are glued to their cellphones 24/7. They’d rather forget their keys or money than be without their phones for an hour. Given the ongoing health scares and challenges, gifting them a phone sanitizer is a viable choice.

Most UV light sanitizers claim to kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses without requiring a lengthy or complicated process. Just connect it and your millennial will have a completely sanitized cell phone at the click of a button.

Cinematic Light Box and Neon LED signs

Instagram is a big hit with millennials with most of them spending every waking moment of their day on this hugely popular social media app. It goes without saying then that any gift to a millennial should also be Instagrammable or something they’d like to show-off on their social media posts.

A lightbox is the latest trend. With a lightbox, the generation today can put in their quote of the day or some inspiration. Snap up a picture and post.

Neon lights are great not only as room decorations but also double up as light fixtures too. What’s more, is that you can easily customize these lights to spell the name of the person you are gifting to.

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Most millennials love their coffee and can’t bear the thought of going without it. On the same note, this is the generation that most loves to experiment with their coffee as well.

A cold brew maker is something this generation will appreciate very much especially since it is a very practical gift that can come handy daily.

It also becomes a cost-efficient gift because instead of spending their dollars at coffee shops, they can hoard different kinds of coffee beans and have enough flavors to last them the whole month.

Environmentally Friendly Products

It can be safely said that today’s generation is also more concerned about the environment. Sustainability and a green lifestyle are what many of them envision and support. Whether it is organic food products, vegan beauty products, or even accessories or lifestyle products, if it is upcycled or recycled, chances are that a millennial will love it.

Let’s take straws for example. A pack of reusable straws made of bamboo, glass, or steel with catchy captions can be a big hit with today’s generation. You can also combine them with food or drink subscriptions to their favorite outlets.

Chill Bean Bag

Millennial or not, everyone would love chilling on a giant, comfy bean bag.

Unlike before, where the colors and designs are limited, you have better options today. A bean bag in their favorite color or print can be a welcome addition to your millennial’s room which is where they tend to spend most of their time anyway. You can be assured that a cool bean bag will get a huge “like”.

Visa Gift Cards

Despite the above options one top fav that always works is a Visa gift card.  Here is one favorite that transcends the age barrier; who doesn’t love gift cards?

Being able to buy anything you need is such a treat and can be so liberating for both giver and receiver alike. Your Visa gift card might just be what they need to buy those long-coveted air pods or phone accessories and you can be relieved knowing that you’ve contributed to getting them exactly what they needed.

Apart from the above, there’s plenty of other options from tie-dye shirts to indoor gardens or even skincare, beauty, and wellness kits, there’s a lot you can choose from when it comes to getting a gift for todays’ generations. And whatever they desire, the ever-reliable Visa gift card, will be the gateway to making their gift dreams come true.

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