Exterior Home Improvements for Your San Jose Home

When you are preparing to sell your home, it is just as important to spruce up your exterior as it is to stage your interior.  In fact, exterior curb appeal can draw in buyers and …


When you are preparing to sell your home, it is just as important to spruce up your exterior as it is to stage your interior.  In fact, exterior curb appeal can draw in buyers and even increase your home’s final sale price.  On average buyers in the Pacific region are willing to pay 7% more for a home with great curb appeal.  But what exterior home improvements will increase your San Jose home’s curb appeal.  Below are several exterior improvements to consider before selling your home.  

Touch Up Your Front Door

The front door is the focal point of your home.  It can either draw buyers into your home or deter them based on its color and overall appearance.  With over 257 days of bright sunshine your front door may be beginning to fade.  Upgrade your door with a fresh coat of paint and a new set of hardware.   Before painting your front door, wash it with a soft-bristle scrub brush and bucket of cleaning solution that is appropriate for the material you are cleaning.  After your door is cleaned and prepped for painting, you should choose a color.  Believe it or not, the color of your front door can project the vibe of your home. 

For instance, neutral or white doors bring a feeling of calm while bright red doors evoke excitement and boldness.  Yellow doors are known for optimism and warmth and closely mirror the color orange which bring about the feeling of confidence and cheerfulness.  If you are trying to invoke a vibe of creativity or imagination you will want to choose a shade of purple such as lavender.  Finally, blue and green are very popular door colors.  The former evokes a sense of strength and trust while the latter brings about feelings of peacefulness and health.  

Add Hardscaping

Hardscaping or using brick, natural stone, and concrete around the exterior of your home, is a fantastic way to increase your home’s marketability.  Hardscaping is a favorite low-maintenance landscaping technique that 40% of real estate agents believe is valuable to promote a listing.  Popular hardscaping includes a stone walkway, natural stone retaining wall, and stone borders around landscaped areas.  

Opt for Eco-Friendly Landscaping

While you are upgrading your home’s exterior hardscaping you can spend a bit of time updating the plants around your home.  Whether due to inflation, an interest in eco-friendly gardening, or a combination of both, more and more home owners and buyers are searching for low-maintenance, pollinator friendly, and low water plants to use around their home. 

An eco-friendly gardening option that works well in areas such as San Jose where the summer months are dry and extremely hot is xeriscaping.  Xeriscaping is simply the practice of designing landscapes to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation.  Landscaping that follows xeriscaping guidelines needs little or no water beyond what can be delivered naturally.  Plants native to the San Jose area include lupine, golden pothos, yarrow, aster, California poppy, and California juniper.  

Spruce Up Your Front Porch

In the Pacific region, a well-maintained and usable front porch can add $7,715 to your home’s value.  In order to make your front porch a valuable asset, you should first ensure that it is clean.  Wash the flooring with a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water.  Power wash the front of your home and wipe down windows with an anti-streak cleaner. 

Next, add a sitting area to your front porch with a pair of adirondack or rocking chairs.  Finally, dress up your front porch with potted ferns around your front door or a set of hanging baskets.  Ensure that your front porch can be seen even at night with solar pathway lights or wall sconces around your front door.  

If you are considering selling your San Jose home, you may be tempted to focus only on fixing up the interior of your home.  However, a bit of extra time spent sprucing up your exterior will translate to better marketability and a higher sales price.  Contact a local real estate agent if you are planning to sell your home.  They can further assist you in exterior improvements that will make selling your San Jose home a breeze.  

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