Answering paid questionnaires is a wonderful source of education, entertainment, and passive income. You get to learn of new products and services before their official debut. Furthermore, you get a life-like experience of what the products/services offer. The concern most panelists have is whether they’ll get paid and after how long. People need assurance of timely payment even when working for a legitimate paid survey app.

How to Get Faster Payouts for Paid Surveys

A survey panel account usually gets credited instantly or within 24 hours of completing a paid questionnaire. The money accumulates in a survey account. After attaining the preset cash-out amount, you can transfer your earnings to your bank or PayPal account. You may also exchange your accumulated money for gift cards. In some cases, you’ll see the cash in your bank account instantly, while in others, you may have to wait up to seven days. The time it takes to get paid depends on various factors. How do you ensure faster payouts?

Research the Survey Panel’s Minimum Cash-Out Criteria

Depending on the survey panel, you can cash out within days or wait for months. Some survey companies pay peanuts, crediting you as little as $0.005 per survey. Besides the low rates, they will set very high cash-out amounts.

For example, let’s say a panel pays you $0.05 per questionnaire, and the minimum cash out is $20; you’ll need to complete 400 questionnaires before you see any tangible rewards. If your panel consistently shares 20 offers per month, you’ll need 20 months to withdraw. That’s a long time.

Some paid surveys in the UK pay pretty well, crediting you up to $1 per survey with cash-out limits of $5. In those cases, you only need five surveys to cash out. You can withdraw three times per month, assuming a consistent supply of three surveys per week.

Put in the Effort

How regularly you complete questionnaires also determines the withdrawal wait time. Earnings depend on effort and surveys completed. You’ll likely cash out within a month if you can commit to completing all survey offers. The more questionnaires you ignore, the longer it will take to earn enough to cash out.

Increase your earning potential by signing up with more panels. Survey routers can help you get more survey offers, say the Advertising Research Foundation. Keep updating your profile regularly, adding all relevant skills and credentials.

Minimize Rejections by Choosing Your Surveys Wisely

Most panelists say that disqualification cases are higher with lengthy survey offers. Short-form, low-paying offers rarely have rejection issues. With the more long-form surveys, it will take longer to get credited for completed questionnaires since rejections are higher.

Instead of wasting time with lengthy surveys that will end up rejected, consider shorter questionnaires. Don’t be quick to accept and complete all offers you get, but go for the ones you can comfortably handle. Panels may send you surveys that do not match your skills. Only work on them if you are sure you’ll meet the expectations.

Aim for Accuracy and Promptness

The time it takes to withdraw from a survey panel depends on how promptly and accurately you answer questionnaires. You must respond to survey offers once you get them while ensuring you answer all the questions correctly.

Register with a survey panel using an email address you frequently access. If the survey app allows SMS notifications, link the account to your primary phone number. You wouldn’t want to miss survey offer invites because you didn’t receive the alerts on time. Now that you have prompt notifications, all you need to increase your chances of cashing out faster is to ensure you accurately tackle the tasks.


Earning a good side income with paid surveys is not a matter of luck but being a member of the right panel and responding to invites quickly. While some panelists cash out their profits every month, others have never withdrawn since they started taking surveys. If you want to withdraw earnings more often, be responsive to survey invites. Avoid those long-form survey tasks as they have higher rejection rates. Lastly, ensure you sign up with a legitimate survey website as well. It’s important to note that there are scammers everywhere, and survey panels aren’t an exemption!