Fashion Trends to Wear This Summer

Summer 2022 is almost here, and that means it’s time to get your hands on this season’s hottest trends. This summer, bare midriffs and legs are in style, along with bold colors, sheer fabrics, and …


Summer 2022 is almost here, and that means it’s time to get your hands on this season’s hottest trends. This summer, bare midriffs and legs are in style, along with bold colors, sheer fabrics, and sexy cut-outs. You can hit the town in a big, baggy blazer, or get a hit of 90s nostalgia with this summer’s Y2K-inspired styles. Here are the trends you need to wear this summer.

Big Blazers

Oversized blazers came onto the scene during the autumn/winter 2021 season, and they’re still going strong for this summer. This season, designers want you to ditch the suit trousers and wear the blazer as a statement piece all on its own – perhaps literally. Wear your oversized blazer as a dress, or grab an oversized pantsuit in a brilliant, eye-catching monochrome.

You can also mix and match them with customized enamel pins as an extra stylish statement. Enamel pins can also be used to personalize your blazer and make it unique to you. The best thing about the enamel pins is that they are extremely affordable, so you can buy a few and change them up depending on your mood or outfit.


Summer 2022’s fringes and tassels don’t want you to call them hippies. The look is subtler and more understated this year, with thick tassels embellishing the skirts of tube-style maxi dresses and sheath dresses in solid colors. Brightly colored, fringe or tassel dresses promise to be the hottest fashion trend of the summer.

Bold Colors

Bold, brazen colors are one of the summer 2022 fashion trends for women. This season’s fashion weeks saw plenty of bright monochrome looks grace the runways. Kermit green, neon yellow, butter yellow, fire engine red, lime green, and hot pink were all on display in dresses, suits, and co-ords. Make the look monochromatic – pair your hot pink pantsuit with hot pink shoes and a hot pink bag.

Mini Skirts and Crop Tops

You’ll be showing some skin this summer if you decide to wear two of the season’s biggest trends, mini skirts and crop tops. The hemlines are climbing high this year – this summer’s mini skirts cover exactly as much as they need to and not one iota more. Crop tops have the same energy, with many ending right below the bust. Tube tops and bras as tops or bikini tops for daily wear are also saturating the scene this summer.

School Uniforms

There’s something comforting about wearing a uniform, and this season designers are capitalizing on 90s nostalgia with modern twists on the theme of a school uniform. These looks are styled with oversized blazers and cardigans, worn with pleated midi skirts and midriff-baring, cropped sweaters and button-down shirts.

Branded Handbags

This year, designer bags with recognizable logos, like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, are getting a lot of play. Bags that have collector potential are in, too – think the new Fendace line created by a collaboration of Versace and Fendi. Tiny clutch bags aren’t it – this summer, you’ll be carrying a huge tote, which might not be great for your back, but will at least offer plenty of room to carry all of your essentials.

Sexy Cut-Outs

If you weren’t tipped off by the mini skirts and crop tops, sexy is in this year. You’re going to find plenty of pieces with sultry cut-outs over the hips, abdomen, shoulders, and cleavage. Cut-out tops and dresses are going to be especially popular this year – and some of them will look quite classy.

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics are another sexy trend you can expect to see this summer. Wear a sheer top over a bikini top or a pretty bra. Layer them under an oversized leather jacket or blazer. Grab a sheer fringe dress and channel your inner flapper.


When it comes right down to it, a co-ord set is just a tracksuit that looks presentable. Co-ords will rule the day in summer 2022 as we look for ways to transition back to the office without giving up the comfort of a casual work-from-home wardrobe. Monochromatic co-ords in neutral colors like white and beige are going to be just as popular as sets in bright colors and funky patterns.

White Dresses

After the bold colors, metallic fabrics, colorful feathers, and all the tassels of this season’s fashion, a plain, snow-white dress can be a bit of a palate cleanser. You’ll be dressed in white this summer whether you’re getting married or not. White dresses in every cut and style are on the sartorial menu. Full skirts, puffs, pie-crust collars, lace trim, and cut-outs will add stylish touches to many pieces, but even a plain white shirt dress is on trend for this summer.

Summer 2022 fashion is bringing sexy back, and it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon. Even if you’re not the midriff-baring, mini-skirt-wearing type, this season’s trends have something for everyone, so you can dress the way you want and still look chic.

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