Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life for most people. Therefore, making that day as perfect as possible is the aim of most couples and wedding planners. A large part of the day itself is the wedding reception, and it is where your guests will spend most of your day with you. Also, where you newlyweds will be able to move around and celebrate your marriage with those people who are closest to you.

 The wedding venue is typically the largest wedding-related expenditure with an average price per head of around $150. Therefore, most people view the reception venue as a main part of their wedding day and attach a huge amount of importance to this. We are here to give you some tips on how to find the best possible wedding reception venue for your special day.


You may have several considerations for the reception venue ahead of your big day for a range of reasons. The most common considerations we see are:

  • Budget – is the venue you are considering within your budget? If not, what are you able to or willing to give up to secure this venue within your budget?
  • Location – is the venue close enough to where your ceremony is going to be held for your guests to comfortably get there? Are you able to get married at your reception venue (if you would like to)?
  • Feel – does the feel of the venue match the overall vibe you are going for throughout the day? If you are having a very formal day with an informal venue, will this work for you?

You should check every venue you are interested in against the list of your considerations to ensure that the venue is the right one for you.

Locating a Venue

If you are beginning to plan your wedding and have no idea where you want to have your wedding reception, this can actually be a benefit to you. If you are able to begin looking at different venues without expectations or necessary requirements attached, you will be more open to what is on offer from the venues.

There are a number of different ways to find the perfect venue for your day, and this could be by attending a wedding fair and talking to different venue owners. You can complete an online search of wedding reception venues in the area where you would like to hold your reception. Alternatively, if you visit somewhere that you think would be perfect, you can check with them directly to see if wedding receptions are available.

When looking at reception venues online, you can go directly to a company’s website, such as, and from the website, see what other receptions have looked like. Or, you can place an inquiry with the venue to see if they can accommodate what you are looking for.

It is also a good idea to narrow down venues based on what you both do not want in the venue, and this is often easier when entering a venue to pick out the things that immediately do not sit well with you. If a venue does not feel right to you, keep looking until you find the one that does.