Finding The Right Reading Glasses & Frames Online

There will be a time in your life that the quality of your vision will deteriorate. For many of us, this change comes with age. But there are a few that have a hard time …


There will be a time in your life that the quality of your vision will deteriorate. For many of us, this change comes with age. But there are a few that have a hard time deciphering the smaller prints during their middle age.

If you are experiencing the same and are here to find a solution, you are at the right place. When you find it hard to read small written letters, it is a sign that you need reading glasses.

Which Reading Glasses Are Suitable For You?

If you have never required prescription glasses for short-sightedness or long-sightedness, it is possible that with reading glasses, you can delay the problem or correct it.

Due to the progressive nature of presbyopia, middle aged people benefit from using reading glasses. These don’t require any prescription and can be directly purchased from eyebobs.

As you increase, the strength of reading glasses will eventually increase. You just need to be aware of the power and wear accordingly.

Now, coming to the question of which reading glasses are suitable for you. 

Well, to answer your need, go through the factors that help you select the right glasses for your needs.

Determine The Sight Of Poor Vision

Most people hardly spend any time protecting their eyes. They become worried only when their vision becomes blurry, or they find it hard to read the newspaper. If you are suffering from any of the signs, it means that your eyes need a power check.

Before you can buy reading glasses, it is important to determine the power of your eyes. If you are wearing a reading glass without considering the power, your eyes will experience more strain, resulting in increased power in your eyes.

What Do You Prefer: Custom Or Ready-Made Glasses

Once you have checked the power of your eyes, the next most important thing is to consider whether you prefer ready-made or custom-made.

If you are in a hurry and need a solution for your blurry vision right away, you can go with ready-made reading glasses from the drugstore. These glasses are called ‘readers’ and come with diopters. The range of diopters starts with 1.0 and goes upto 4.0. 

You should start with the least strength and move up slowly. Try every diopter to see which meets your requirements. Once you find a reading glass that helps you read small letters, that’s the one you should finalize.

However, if you have time, you can go with custom reading glasses. Custom reading glasses have different power for both eyes. Custom reading glasses are necessary when the person is suffering from other types of eye disease like myopia or astigmatism.

Choose The Design & Shape Of The Lens

Depending on the condition of your eyes, you can either go with ready-made eyeglasses or custom-made eyeglasses. Once you have made the decision, the next important thing to select is the shape and size of the lenses.

If your problem is just close-range vision, you need a single vision lens. These are the most common lenses available in the market. If you have difficulty with close and distant vision, you need bifocal lenses. You will be able to see clearly a distinctive line that separates the two lenses in a bi-focal.

Finally, you see progressive lenses as a better alternative. You don’t see the dividing line in the progressive lens, but the user can still see both close and far away objects.

Depending on what power you have and what lenses you need, the design is selected by the ophthalmologist. They can even suggest the lenses that fit your needs.

You must understand that the shape of the lens is important for your vision. If your eyes are weak only slightly, you can easily solve the problem with a narrow lens. However, if the power is more, you need a wider lens,

Choosing Between Metallic & Plastic Frame

The role of the frame is important. If you are buying a reading glass, chances are that you are going to wear it all day long. That means your frame needs to be comfortable to support that.

You can choose a metallic or plastic frame according to your taste. Plastic frames are preferred by those who tend to break their frame through slips and mishaps. On the other hand, metallic frames are more glamorous and sturdy.

The choice of the frame is totally personal, and how much they are willing to pay for a frame. Before selecting a frame, you must try teh frames, see yourself in the mirror and then make a decision.

Consider The Color That Matches With Your Skin Tone

Just as the material of the frame is a deciding factor, the color of the frame also plays an important role. You cannot just have any color and hope that it will suit you.

You must select the color of the frame based on your skin tone. Skin tone determines which color eyeglasses will look good on you. 

For instance –

  • Warm Skin Tone: If you have a skin tone that is close to yellow, golden, or bronze, you have a warm complexion. Going with gold, honey, and beige color will look nice on you.
  • Cool Skin Tone: If your skin has a blue or pink undertone, you have a cool skin tone. In that case, Going with a frame with brown shades, pink, blue, mauve, and gray will look nice on you.

Finally, Fit Frame Your Personality

The frames you wear say a lot about your personality. Reading glasses are not only meant to wear when you are reading anything. It is also a style statement that makes you complete.

Think about the activity you will do while wearing your reading glasses. For instance, you can have a pair of reading glasses that are more towards your inside that you can wear on weekends and a pair of professionally looking reading glasses during work.

Choose either one frame style to express your personality or even have a small collection that can be altered with your experience to suit your mood.

Now that you are equipped with the know-how, you can shop around the online store, try virtual try-on features and get the perfect reading glasses for your needs.

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