SIE Exam Prep Course Guideline:

This course contains an overview of the SIE exam prep course material covered in the most amazing site “ Finra”. The course provides any single strategy or set of concepts that will guarantee a good score. In fact, if you use the suggested strategy, you are likely to pass this without any hazard. What this course is providing is an overview of what you should be reading about to prepare for the SIE exam. You are going to learn the pros and cons of each technique, you will learn how to identify the right technique for you, and you will learn why some techniques are more appropriate than others. You will also learn about resources such as the SIE Dictionary of Information Security, Solutions Database, Microsoft Security Essentials, OWASP Top Ten, OWASP Top Ten Consequences, Microsoft IIS Security Reference Guides, SE-Secure and many others. 

Being a unique resource for information security professionals, this course contains both theory and practice. By identifying key elements of Information Security practice, and common mistakes that practitioners make, this course aims to provide you with the best combination of practical and theoretical knowledge. You will be given full training for your SIE course as Finra is always ambitious towards its focused training program. You will be capable of handling a job in finance, and basically Finra will help you and support you a lot for taking the first step. Finra is really choosy about its adaptive learning techniques and they are never going to compromise on their quality.

An interesting feature of this site is the option to practice on its material before actually taking the course. Simulation is important in this case before taking the full course. Further, the course is affordable and a guaranteed unusual environment is given there. If you are in an emergency situation (unemployed, laid off from your job or unable to work), this may not be the most convenient option, but it is also a very smart option. In the coming days we’ll be posting an additional scenario to familiarize yourself with the material, and give you an idea of what to expect on your own. 


Hopefully this article has made you think about the implications of the SIE exam on your career path and current situation. A job as a Senior Information Security Officer can have a significant impact on your future life. We have some people we want to write about in the near future. Stay tuned. 

If you want to take the course, all you need to do is fill in your email address, make sure you get the confirmation email and then sign up for the course. Registration is for people only, so don’t try to register for the course with a business email. The course is in English only, so all you need is an English email. Also, if you are wondering if it will be expensive, it’s not. The whole thing is quite reasonable.