Construction workers don’t need gym memberships to get out and get moving. They are moving every hour they are at work. They are as far from sedentary as it gets. Yet they still could use fitness help. The number one fitness issue for construction workers is similar to that of office workers. We’ll get there in a moment. The thing to realize is no matter how active you are, you still might need fitness help. Some of the most fit people in the world are the same people with gym memberships. They are not doing it to get fit. They are doing it to stay fit.

If fitness buffs still need fitness help, sedentary workers need a lot more. It is easy to slip into the pattern of a sedentary lifestyle and lose track of your physical health. There are definitely some physiological reasons why we start to gain weight and become less fit after high school. But the main reason it happens is that in the vast majority of cases, we go from being extremely active to mostly sedentary. Even high school athletes suffer this challenge because the vast majority of them do not continue into collegiate athletic programs. The simple fact is that we slow down and that is the beginning of the end of our perfect health. It doesn’t have to be. Consider the following tips:

Group Exercise Classes

It is hard to get motivated for a session of solitary exercise. It might not take a village. But it sometimes takes the company of a few friends who are having the same challenges as you. Exercise classes can provide an easy way to find those people who are going through the same thing and who can benefit from you as much as you can from them.

If you happen to be the office manager, offer group exercises at a discount that focus on stretching. This is where construction workers and office workers meet. Both tend to suffer injuries related to repetitive stress and posture-related pains. In this way, working at an office station that is not ergonomically sound can create a lot of injury and crippling pain.

Both groups can end up needing surgery to mitigate tendon damage. Much of this type of injury can be avoided with a focus on building muscle groups around joints. Hand weights and exercise grips can help fight off RSI. Properly stretched back and leg muscles can fight off later lower back and knee injuries. Proper fitness training can keep injury at bay for both sedentary and active workers.

Supplements and Nutrients

Sedentary workers tend to be poor eaters. It is not that they don’t eat, but that they often eat the wrong things to foster good health. Film makers walk the line between active and sedentary work. Some part of their week is spent on location capturing footage. But long swaths of their week are spent editing the video to create a final production. The dos and don’ts of health and fitness for film makers largely revolve around diet.

Sometimes, it is not possible to have a healthy meal. That is where supplements come in. If you can’t incorporate the nutrients you need for your daily balance, the right supplements can really make a huge difference. Supplements are not to be used as excuses for poor dietary choices. All the supplements in the world are not going to counteract the effects of that triple-tall piece of chocolate cake you are eyeing. But they can help you restore nutritional balance to a diet that is less than perfect.

Active Chairs

One of the best inventions of recent times is the active chair. It is a must-have product for people who sit for long hours. The chairs are designed to move and require active input from the user. Think of them as more modern exercise balls that give you the same benefit but in the form-factor of a stool or desk chair. When you can’t take an hour a day to drive to a gym or do a specific workout, get all the benefits you can from sitting and doing your job. Active chairs are usually associated with standing desks.

Living a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up on fitness. Try group exercise programs, supplements, and active chairs.