Francis Greco – Net Worth, Career and Personal Life

Francis Greco is a Canadian investment banker and businessman. He is perhaps best known for his marriage to Lauren Holly. Since 2013, he is the Managing Director of Koch Industries. Career Ups and Downs Even …

Real Name:Francis Greco
Net Worth:$12 Million - 14 million
Occupation:Canadian Businessman, Investment Banker

Francis Greco is a Canadian investment banker and businessman. He is perhaps best known for his marriage to Lauren Holly. Since 2013, he is the Managing Director of Koch Industries.

Career Ups and Downs

Even though he is Canadian, Francis Greco was born in 1968 in the USA. He is the second child of a financial services family, with his father being a businessman, and his mother a chartered accountant. His family is of Italian ancestry and Catholic, descending from the famed Sicilian Mafia Greco family. According to the pentito Antonio Calderone, “the Grecos effectively exercised power in the whole of Sicily.” According to Giovanni Brusca, the Greco family was very important and the ones who tipped the balance in every internal Mafia war.

With the desire to follow in his parents’ footsteps (in finance, not the mob), he majored in Economy and Political Science at Yale, enrolling in 1988 and graduating in 1992, winning a gold medal in Economics. Still hungry for education, he went on to study for an MBA in Accounting and Finance at York University until 1995.

Upon the completion of his studies, he took a plunge in professional waters, starting work as a financial advisor, though it is unknown at which company. His career took him up to the position of Managing Director of Sagent Advisors in April 2011. Exactly two years later, in April 2013, Greco became a Managing Director at Koch Industries, a position which he purportedly holds to this day.

Net Worth, Earnings and Salaries

Coming from a well-off family, and spending much of his career as an executive, Greco is reported to be a high earner, raking in over $100,000 each year from his investments. While his actual net worth is unknown, his ex-wife Lauren Holly is worth $14 million, some of which is fair to assume was made from the divorce.

Therefore, one could only speculate as to how much Greco owns in various assets, but we would go on a limb saying he is most likely a multimillionaire.

Personal Life

Already a successful young professional, Greco met his future wife Lauren Holly, who is five years his senior, on a blind date in 1999 which both halves of the would-be couple had not taken seriously. However, the two of them seemed to get on well together and became romantically involved. Holly had previously been married to Danny Quinn, son of Oscar winner and Hollywood legend Anthony Quinn (between 1991 and 1993), and ‘Dumb and Dumberco-star Jim Carrey (between 1996 and 1997). In any case, she and Greco seemed to have hit it off and got engaged 11 months following their first date, tying the knot in 2001.

After the engagement, Holly stepped out of the acting world. She wanted to settle down, to be with Francis, and to start their family. So they moved to New York and bought an apartment. Soon after that, they decided to adopt their first child. It was strange for both of them that they had a completely same opinion on adoption and they both wanted to adopt a child in the first place. They ended up adopting three sons named Henry, George, and Alexander.

It has been reported that Greco, who never liked the Hollywood way of life, chose to settle down in Chicago to stay away from the spotlight. Holly also wanted a quiet family life following her marriage and to take a break from acting. She became a full-time mother of their three adopted kids, while his busy schedule kept him away and traveling most of the time.

The couple moved to Toronto in 2008, following which she took Canadian citizenship and decided to revive her acting career working in the Canadian entertainment industry. Their oldest child Alexander followed in his mother’s footsteps and began appearing in movies as a child artist in the early 2010s.

However, Greco and Holly gradually grew apart due to their vastly different professional lives and finally got divorced in 2014, even though they have not publicly stated the reason for their split. Following the divorce, the three kids stay with their mother and visit their father occasionally. True to his principles of avoiding the spotlight and the eye of the public, Greco continues to live a private life and shuns social media.

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