Gelato feminized seeds

You’re guaranteed to have gelato fun with this strain. Treat yourself to Gelato feminized seeds and grow one of the most desired dessert strains in your backyard. These luscious buds sweeten up even the hardest …


You’re guaranteed to have gelato fun with this strain. Treat yourself to Gelato feminized seeds and grow one of the most desired dessert strains in your backyard. These luscious buds sweeten up even the hardest of days.

Read on as we give you the scoop on Gelato’s heritage, effects, delectable flavor, and growing tips and tricks. We also divulge the best place to get your hands on these precious nuggets. Grab your spoon, and let’s dig in. 

Gelato feminized seeds description

The Gelato strain feminized seeds grow into buds so delicious you’ll want to lick them. Colorful leaves curled around lightly frosted nugs—like bubblegum ice cream on a sugar cone—tempt you to take a puff.

The feminized seeds of the Gelato strain are the lovechild of two powerhouses; Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. Like its parents, Gelato is named after a beloved Italian dessert, and it lives up to its title. These two delectable cultivars joined forces to produce a true culinary delight.  

Who needs wine tasting when you’ve got Gelato feminized seeds? This strain has a unique aromatic profile; you can taste a different dimension of flavor with each puff. Sweet, woody, and citrus hints tickle your tastebuds like little ice cream fairies dancing in your mouth.  

Also known as Larry Bird or #33, Gelato seeds feminized produce out-of-the-box buds with enough THC to take down a small army. 

Living up to its family reputation, Gelato packs an unsuspecting amount of up to 20% THC. It’s so delicious you’ll always want more of its mouthwatering zing. Be wary because it’s like a fruity cocktail you think is just juice till you wake up on the floor.

Gelato feminized seeds produce a sativa-indica hybrid strain that’ll knock your socks off. Clouds of euphoria and deep relaxation make you feel like you’re floating. The sativa waves keep your mind in 100% focus mode to soak in all the glory of this magical buzz. 

Reaching up to 3.5 feet high, this moderate-sized plant rewards you with a dynamite harvest. All good things take effort, and Gelato seeds feminized are no different. They thrive in the hands of experienced growers as they can be a challenge to cultivate. 

The Gelato strain feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds collection come from incredibly stable parents resulting in a smoother growing experience. You’ll reap the sapid fruit of an all-female crop drenched in glowing buds.

Gelato feminized effects 

The name may suggest a mellow Italian dessert, but a Gelato blunt is far from it. The potent buds transport you to a state of instantaneous ecstasy, firing a series of cerebral blasts. 

If you were planning on smoking and sleeping, change your plans. The Gelato strain feminized seed buds may have indica in their veins, but it’s not the type of high that sedates you. It’s the type of buzz that’s so relaxing, it revives your soul, making you want to use your newfound upliftment. 

You know how ice cream is the stereotypical break-up food because it helps you get over anything? Well, Gelato should be a stereotypical break-up blunt because the buzz makes you happier than a dog with two tails. 

The high from Gelato seeds feminized nugs skyrockets your brain higher than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Smoke too much, and you’ll be leaning towards pizza because the munchies hit hard with this one. Once you satisfy your hunger, the energizing buzz transforms into a tranquil full-body stone. 

Soothing waves wash over your body as the initial sativa buzz relinquishes, massaging away tension and stress. Every muscle relaxes, and all your joints become loose. At this point, your body feels light, and your brain is in superhuman mode. 

Colors increase in vibrancy, and every layer of music comes to life—your couch becomes a vortex packed with psychedelic visuals. Turn on your favorite show and snuggle in your seat—you’ll be there for a while. 

After some time, the indica genes from Gelato feminized seeds kick in, holding you hostage on your couch. Once the couch-lock hits you, you won’t be going anywhere, making this a perfect dessert strain to end the day. 

The buds from Gelato seeds feminized are next level, so beginners should use them in moderation. You can experience minor side effects like dry eyes, cottonmouth, and paranoia if you overdo it. 

It can be tempting but avoid using this strain in the morning. Once the uplifting energy fades, sedative effects kick in, and you’ll be heading straight to dreamland—no sheep counting required. 

Gelato feminized flavors

You can smell this strain from a mile away. The feminized seeds of Gelato grow into intensely aromatic plants. No bag can hold the sweet smell of Gelato; take it in public, and a hippie truck will follow you home.

Grow Gelato seeds feminized in your home, and tangy, plummy scents stick to your curtains. Your guests will be sorely disappointed once they realize you haven’t baked a cherry pie. The unmistakable cannabis aroma teases you before the big reveal of tantalizing buds as the plant reaches the flowering phase. 

Fruity scents captivate your senses while the fresh citrus hints keep them from becoming sickly sweet. It gets its elegant flavor profile from the dominant terpenes valencene, terpineol, and linalool, famous for their candy, musky scents. 

From the first puff, woody, earthy and sugary flavors gently caress your taste buds like a comforting dessert. With each toke, the flavor of Gelato feminized seeds buds intensifies, becoming more sweet and dank. It goes from gentle warmth to intense sweetness, hitting the spot. 

On exhale, clouds of luxurious white smoke fill the air, encapsulating you in a bubble of fruity vapor so refreshing you’ll want to drink it. Earthy, floral scents are left lingering on your palette, seducing you to take another puff of the juicy fruit. 

How to germinate Gelato feminized seeds

Germination is a crucial step for growing all cannabis seeds, including Gelato strain feminized seeds. It seems stressful, especially to beginners, but it’s a straightforward process requiring only a few basic tools. 

Gelato feminized seeds are a high-demand product, so it’s not advisable to skip this step. There are many germination methods, each with varying success rates. 

Below, we’ve given you the steps to two of the most popular techniques you can easily try at home. 

With the soil method, you can kill two birds with one stone—germinating and potting. It’s the easiest method, especially long term since you won’t have to move your feminized seeds gelato strain. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Evenly spread potting soil in a small pot or a degradable planting container.
  2. Make a small hole and drop your Gelato feminized seeds inside. 
  3. Cover the seeds with soil—ensure you pack it loosely, so the seeds get sufficient air and light. 
  4. Spray water on top of the soil and leave it in direct light.
  5. Keep the top of the soil moistened, and in a few days, you should see protruding shoots. 

Another popular method is the paper towel method. Many successful growers use this technique. It’s efficient, easy, and works for any grow medium. 

Here’s how to germinate your Gelato strain feminized seeds using the paper towel method: 

  1. Slightly dampen two paper towels with sterile water.
  2. Put one of the paper towels onto a plate and save the other for later. 
  3. Gently place the marijuana seeds on the plate.
  4. Cover the seeds with the second paper towel.
  5. Ensure there’s no excess water—if you flood the seeds, they’ll flop. 
  6. Store the plate in a dark place, and there should be sprouts in 2–5 days. 

Gelato feminized seeds grow information

For a long time, Gelato seeds feminized weren’t available for home cultivation because stabilizing this strain wasn’t straightforward. It still isn’t the easiest to nurture as it does require some knowledge of growing techniques and the trained eye of an experienced grower.  

Gelato does well in any medium, but most growers say soil enhances its natural essence and terpene profile. Hydro may give you better yields and juicer buds, but soil can give you that too if you give your flora adequate nutrition.  

Gelato feminized seeds thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings but do better indoors. They need specific temperatures to flourish, and it can be finicky about the climate. 

Indoor growing 

A grow tent helps maintain the warm and humid environment needed. Monitor the levels regularly to ensure it remains comfortable, especially during flowering; temperatures need to sit at around 75°F.

Another reason indoor growing or a grow tent works well for this strain is its scent. Gelato strain feminized seeds grow into dank plants with an obvious weed fragrance. 

Using an odor filter helps control the strong scent so it doesn’t waft through the neighborhood. Don’t be put off by the powerful fragrance—it’s a sign of good things to come. 

Outdoor growing 

If you plan on growing outdoors, ensure you prepare to control the smell or explain the weed breeze at the next neighborhood committee. Unfortunately, outdoor growers don’t have many options when it comes to odor reduction.

Companion planting is a beneficial outdoor technique you can use when sowing your feminized seeds Gelato. This practice involves planting other fragrant plants like lavender near the cannabis crops. It helps mask the weed scent and draw attention away from marijuana plants. 

Gelato feminized seeds need a tropical climate with warm, humid temperatures, so only plant them outdoors if you meet the environmental requirements. Outdoor growers from the Northern Hemisphere can expect their plants to reach maturity in October.  

Generous buds

Gelato seeds feminized grow buds with THC levels ranging from 14–20% and less than 2% CBD providing the cerebral buzz making this strain famous. 

If you put in the effort outdoors or indoors, Gelato strain feminized seeds reward you with heaps of chunky buds. You can expect around 14–18 oz. per m² and outdoors around 21 oz. per plant when nurtured indoors. 

If you want to improve bag quality and add more color to your Gelato seeds feminized weed, then expose your plants to cooler temperatures before flowering. Maintain the humidity levels for accurate results. This magic trick paints the buds with wonderful lilac, orange, and yellow hues, increasing bag value and yield.

Gelato feminized seeds genetics

The original breeders of Gelato crossed Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, intending to create a sweet hybrid strain. They birthed Gelato feminized seeds in the Northern California Bay area from a prestigious seed bank. 

Feminized seeds of Gelato have strong ties to one of the most famous cannabis strains: Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Any marijuana seeds sharing genes with this cultivar are surely firecracker tokes. 

Sunset Sherbet is one of Gelato’s parents and is a potent indica dominant hybrid with a hard-hitting stone. Its high THC content of around 19% makes it a popular toke among recreational and medicinal users. Sunset Sherbet is a sweet candy strain stemming from Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. 

The other parent of the Gelato strain feminized seeds is Thin Mint GSC, a divine minty flavored specimen providing a balanced full-body high. This hybrid cultivar is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush, renowned for their psychoactive buzz. 

Where to buy Gelato feminized seeds 

These cannabis seeds are rare to find because they’re difficult to stabilize and aren’t widely available in the US. You can check at your local dispensary, but the chances they’ll have stock are slim. If you do find Gelato seeds feminized, it’ll cost you an arm and a leg. 

There are also online seed banks that stock a variety of cannabis seeds. It’s difficult to find a reputable internet company that sells marijuana seeds with secure genes. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co is the only place to buy Gelato feminized seeds with such stable genetics. It’s a proudly American company stocking all kinds of marijuana seeds and affiliated with famous growers like Kyle Kushman.  

Grow ice-cream weed with Gelato feminized seeds

The Gelato strain feminized seeds blossom into generous plants boasting high THC buds glistening with juicy resin. It’s a beautiful creation giving you nugs with high bag quality. Once you try these famous flowers, you’ll know why it’s such a sought-after strain. 

Ensure you buy these marijuana seeds from a reputable seller and grow with care to reap the delicious rewards. Indulge your sweet tooth and have a toke of Gelato today—you won’t regret it. 

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