Exercising is a great way to get in shape, but it can be hard to stay motivated. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to earn rewards for working out. From gyms and fitness gear stores that reward you for hitting your steps, to apps that give you points just by walking around the block, these financial incentives can help you stick with your workout routine and stay healthy. Additionally, many workplaces and even insurance companies offer rewards for hitting the fitness goals you set. Here are some of the top ways to get rewarded for working out.

Rewards From Work

Some workplaces offer incentives for their staff to stay healthy. Because this saves them money on health insurance costs it’s a win-win for the employees and the company. Some of these rewards might include free gym memberships, free workout gear, and even extra PTO to go take a day to run a race or other fitness event.

Rewards From Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies are discovering the benefit of offering incentives for people to work out and get healthy. When they pay for things like gym memberships, massages, and other wellness-related services, it’s not because they like you. In fact, it has more to do with their bottom line. They want to pay out as few insurance claims as possible. Having healthier constituents helps them do this, even if they need to invest a little upfront to get there.

Credit Card Rewards

Many credit cards offer more incentives like discounts and cashback programs for users who spend money on specific fitness and health-related expenses. They are even linked sometimes to a workout rewards app that measures your activity levels. These credit card rewards can sometimes be redeemed for gift cards, cash back, and more.

Workout Apps

Did you know there are workout apps where you can earn points and rewards? There are workout apps that reward you for hitting your steps, ones that reward you for losing inches, others that reward you for having an increased heart rate for a certain number of days, and more. Workout apps have gotten smarter over the years and can be paired with smartwatches and other devices to monitor your health and wellness.

Rewards Programs at Gyms

Gyms offer a wide variety of rewards programs, including discounts on classes, free items, and more. Many gyms have different reward programs for different types of workouts, so you can get the most out of your gym time. For example, some gyms offer a loyalty program where you earn points by working out at least twice per week and then redeem those points for free classes or other perks.

Other gyms will reward you with a discount on your membership fee if you work out more frequently than usual. These incentives help you get the most out of your membership fees but also reward you for the very reason you pay for it in the first place.

Rewards Programs at Fitness Gear Stores

Rewards programs at fitness gear stores are a great way to save money on your workout gear. For example, if you buy an item from a fitness brand’s rewards program and then use the item in your workouts, they will give you points or miles toward future purchases. Also, rewards programs at fitness gear stores are a great way to get discounts on your favorite brands.

If you have been meaning to try out some new products but don’t want to spend too much money until you know they won’t just end up collecting dust in your closet, signing up for these types of rewards programs gives you access to high-end products at lower prices.

Financial Rewards

Colorado instituted a program called Weigh and Win that pays people to lose weight. When people go to one of the kiosks the computer weighs them and takes a photo. These photos are excellent milestones along the way and keep people motivated. There are plenty of ways to participate in the program that offers money as people lose weight, maintain weight, and try to earn other prizes. It’s helped countless people lose weight and stay in shape. Many places like hospitals and companies are offering similar programs to help their employees lose weight as well. Being financially rewarded by working out is a great motivator.