Getting Fit in Nashville: Tricks and Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Are you looking to get fit and healthy in Nashville? With its vibrant music scene, delicious food choices, and beautiful parks, Nashville can be a great place to help you live an active lifestyle. There …

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Are you looking to get fit and healthy in Nashville? With its vibrant music scene, delicious food choices, and beautiful parks, Nashville can be a great place to help you live an active lifestyle. There are plenty of ways to get moving and stay healthy, but not everyone knows where to start. In this blog, we’ll explore some tricks and tips for getting fit in Music City. It won’t be a step-by-step or one-size-fits-all schedule, but it will give you some great ideas to get started. Remember, everyone’s fitness journey is different: we’re just here to get your feet moving.

Consider Starting with a Plan

Especially if being a planner is in your blood, this can help you get motivated and come up with ideas that will work for you within your schedule. Start by setting both realistic and ideal goals. The ideal would be your final weigh-in or participating in a marathon or triathlon, something you want to do in the long run. Meanwhile, realistic goals help break your fitness journey down into easily digestible portions. If you are looking to get fit for medical reasons, be sure to make this plan with your doctor’s input.

Otherwise, you can work with a nutritionist or a personal trainer in a gym; most trainers are happy to help you figure out realistic goals during a consultation. For general fitness, you’ll want to create a schedule in your plan that includes cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. A fitness class or a schedule with a personal trainer can help you get started and ensure you work safely and don’t harm your body.

Find an App that Will Motivate You

In today’s digital age, apps are for way more than shopping and keeping in touch with friends. There are apps for your physical and mental well-being, including a few that offer motivation and tracking for exercise and fitness. You can even track what you eat for calorie calculations! Motivational apps range from inspiration to fitness tracking to rewards. Some people love to log into Pokemon Go when they’re walking to hatch eggs and use the daily incense.

Others prefer charity walk apps— these donate to a charity based on how far you walk and how long you spend exercising. Generally, the charity falls into a category: the app may be donating to animal rescues or LGBTQIA+ support programs. The main thing here is to research the app and verify that they are reputable and that they actually do what they say.

Join a Gym, a Fitness Class, or a Community Exercise Group

Nothing gets us moving like commitment, right? Joking aside, classes and groups are a fun and social way to stay active, and they are led by someone who knows what they are doing. This means they can help you stay safe and learn things the right way, instead of squinting at a YouTube video or hoping that you’re following the pictures in that article correctly. And there’s so much to choose from in Nashville! You could take country dance lessons from Turn Their Heads or check out Hotboxing at HOTBOX Fitness.

If you want to learn about how to defend yourself, there are tons of martial arts and self-defense courses available, including some tailored specifically to women. You could also join a gym and take advantage of their class offerings between your regular workouts— whatever works best for you and helps you stay motivated!

Change Your Eating Habits, and Consider Working with a  Dietician

Between the amazing food selections and the various dietary styles available, changing how you eat can really help your wellness. And we don’t just mean to lose weight! Eating right for your body can help you sleep better, feel more active, and even improve your cognitive function. However, what works for the goose may not work for the gander. Just because your coworker had great results on Intermittent Fasting doesn’t mean you will. Maybe your cousin feels amazing on Keto, but your lifestyle needs some extra carbs. You can use trial and error to find what works best, or you can work with a certified dietician or your doctor. They can help you consider all factors, including lifestyle, that affect your health.

They also know more about the science behind what makes certain diets so effective for some and how long you should give option A a try before deciding to move on. Whatever you decide to try, remember it’s important to stay hydrated! Consider something with extra electrolytes on days you work out, as well. Gatorade is a nice, affordable option if you’re on a budget. Some healthier ideas include Nuun, Liquid IV, or LMNT. Some of these can have high sodium, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you’re being active. But if you’re concerned or sodium restricted, get your doctor’s advice on healthy hydration.

Find Places in the City that Get You Moving and/or Grooving

Nashville is full of beautiful parks and bass-thumping nightclubs. Find an activity you love, and work it into your wellness plans! You may even get some of your friends or coworkers together for some fun! While you don’t have to pick just one, it is important to spread things out while your body is getting used to any changes— you don’t want to overdo things and end up injuring yourself! You can also split up several activities.

Maybe one day you want to do your walking through the Tennessee Aquarium just two hours south of Nashville. Or you want to visit a different park each week for your chosen activity. If you have decision paralysis, you could always put a bunch of activity and location ideas on paper in a fishbowl. On the days you do something, reach into the fishbowl and do what’s on the slip! You can also use a randomizing app or draw straws with your workout buddies on who gets to decide.

Remember, getting healthy is great with friends, but it’s still an individual journey. It’s a great idea to work with professional trainers or certified nutritionists to stay safe while you get started and to help tailor your experience to your body. So, why not get started? Set some goals, explore the city, and above all else, have fun getting healthy!

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