Spring is the ideal time of year, to prepare your body for the summer ahead. With the arrival of warmer weather and sunny days, you’ll start feeling more light, fresh, and energetic. So if you need to get your body in shape, now is a perfect time.

Keep in mind that having a bikini body is not the most important. More important than being skinny is that you’re being nurtured. Here you can find a few steps that will get you summer-ready in every way.

1. Keep Up With Regular Exercise

Regular exercise will keep you healthy and your body in shape. This, however, can be pushed to the back of your mind during the winter. Now is the burst of energy that you feel is the right time to get on the track.

Use the brighter nights and warmer weather to get out and exercise more. Just walking outside will get you much more motivated. But if you have an allergy problem, maybe you need to consider running on a treadmill in the gym.

Don’t feel obligated to go to the gym every day. Being active can mean going to an exercise class once a week, walking your dog every day, or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

2. Take Care Of Your Skin

After the long and harsh winter months, your skin will undoubtedly be unprepared for the summer sun. Because of the low temperatures and heating indoors, our skin becomes dehydrated during the winter. So now is the time to change up your daily skincare routine.

Removing dead skin is crucial to achieving a long-lasting tan. Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week on damp skin before going out in the sun. Don’t forget to moisturize it in the morning and evening.

It is best to have a short exposure of about fifteen minutes with sun protection during the first sunny days, outside the hottest hours of the day. This will allow your skin to re-acclimate to it and prevent it from burning during future tanning sessions.

3. Time For a Detox

After a long, sluggish winter, spring is a natural time to flush out toxins and allow the body to reboot. Detox will create clarity and stimulate the healthy functioning of your body and your mind.

The ultimate goal of a spring detox is to feel better. However, there are a number of other advantages to cleansing that you may not have considered. A spring detox is great for improving your mood, sharpening your focus, bust your energy, aiding digestion, and clearing up your skin.

Since detox can last from 10 to 21 days, it may seem a little difficult for those who have never tried it. So try small steps, it’s enough to have at least one day a week for detox and you’ll feel the benefits.

4. Drink more water

Consuming a healthy amount of water is vital for our health. The human body consists of an average of 55% to 78% water.

Our bodies require water to function properly. Every organ in our body needs water, and that’s a good enough reason to drink it regularly. For example, if the brain doesn’t get enough water, it won’t function normally, which can cause headaches or fatigue. So, the next time you have a headache or feel tired, drink some water because this could be the first sign of dehydration.

So as you can see getting summer ready is not so demanding after all. And taking care of yourself is always a great idea. Whatever you do in life, keeping your body healthy is essential. Make a point of doing things that make you feel confident. Continue to take care of your skin. Eat well, exercise, and keep an active mind in order to prepare yourself for a happy summer.