Real Name:Harminder Kaur
Birthday:January 12, 1972
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Indian - American Actress, Wife of Dalip Singh Rana a.k.a The Great Khali

Some people might have not heard about Harminder Kaur some 20 years ago. But she quickly turned into an overnight sensation. All she had to do is marry a famous person. Her marriage to the WWE champion The Great Khali made her famous. And after the marriage, she retreated back home to manage the house. There is no info on her income.

However, if you look at her husband’s cash flow she is a rich person. We do not know her income, but we know her husband’s.

Career and Life Journey

Born in 1972 in Delhi, India, Harminder Kaur came to the US to work as an actress. And while she did manage to land a few roles in the acting business, her marriage to the Great Khali made her famous. Fans recognize her for the role in the Kambdi Kalaai. But it seems like people from India stick together.

Her husband, the Great Khali, is an Indian-born American professional wrestler. His real name is Dalip Singh Rana. The Great Khali is the first Indian to win the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE history.

Harminder attended the University of Delhi. There, she got a bachelor’s degree in English. After getting her BA, she attended the University of Alcala in Madrid. There, she pursued a Masters of Arts in 1998. She also has a Diploma in Spanish from the University of Delhi.

There is no information exactly when she moved to the United States. But there, she met the Great Khali. But it was not a typical relationship. Instead, they had an arranged marriage. They tied the knot in 2002 and got their child in February 2014.

Kaur still hasn’t disclosed any details on her previous life, parents, siblings, and more. Some believe she is the only child of her parents.

Net Worth

Before her relationship with the Great Khali, Kaur appeared only in one movie. That was the movie Kambdi Kallai. Apart from that movie, she keeps her career under the radar.

After getting married to the Great Khali, Kaur turned into an overnight sensation. And that is understandable. After all, her husband is quite famous. He is the first Indian to win the World Heavyweight Championship in WWE. He also served as a promoter for WWE fights.

The popularity of the Great Khali helped him land some movie and television roles as well. He appeared in The Longest Yard, Get Smart, Kushti, Bigg Boss, Outsourced, Pair of Kings, and more.

Harminder serves as the housewife. She keeps the house clean, tidy and raises their child. She hasn’t disclosed her income. But her husband is a rich person. According to estimates, the Great Khali fortune is more than $16 million. What does that mean for Harminder Kaur’s cash flow? Well, she does have right on the money as well.

These two are in an arranged marriage. And there are certain rules and laws that Hindu marriage follows.