Health Tips to Help You Prepare for Pregnancy

Many health tips when you’re trying to get pregnant are the same ones that can benefit your health all the time. But, when you’re planning to conceive, these are especially important. Many people look at …


Many health tips when you’re trying to get pregnant are the same ones that can benefit your health all the time. But, when you’re planning to conceive, these are especially important. Many people look at these health tips as simply being a weight loss guide, but they offer benefits beyond what you can see on the scale. Here are some health tips to help you prior to getting pregnant:

Stop Drinking Alcohol

You might love the party life, but drinking and pregnancy do not go together. Alcohol is a toxin that can be extremely harmful to your unborn baby if you drink during pregnancy. It can lead to developmental delays, blindness, and even death in utero leading to miscarriage of your pregnancy. If you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s important to stop drinking alcohol altogether. For some, quitting alcohol could be as simple as not buying it anymore. Others may need rehab and recovery. You can look for treatment for pregnant women if you need continuing support during your pregnancy as well.

Quit Smoking or Vaping Sooner Rather Than Later

Another bad habit that’s great to kick before you start a family is smoking/vaping. When you smoke, toxins enter your bloodstream and travel through the placenta to your baby’s body. These include carbon monoxide and nicotine, both of which can affect the baby’s health and yours as well. Smoking also reduces blood flow to the uterus during pregnancy, which means less oxygen reaches both mother and baby. These can cause complications during pregnancy.

Keep Sleep a Priority

Sleep is a critical part of your overall health and well-being, but it’s easy to overlook when you’re trying to get pregnant. Not enough sleep can impact your hormone health making it more difficult to get pregnant or making it harder to carry your baby to full term. Making sleep a priority now can set you up for better health throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Make Changes to Improve Hormone Health

Exercise, sleep, getting outside during the day, and eating healthy fats can all work together to improve your hormone health. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you can get your hormone levels tested to see if you are in the optimal range and to make any adjustments needed in advance. There is evidence that red light therapy can improve your hormone health as well. The less stress you feel, the better your chances of getting pregnant and the better you can manage all the emotions that will come.

Lift Weights and Do Stretches

Flexibility and strength are important when you are pregnant. By starting a routine before you conceive, you can set your body up for success. Strength will serve you well when you start getting toward the end of your pregnancy especially. Strength training now will help you maintain muscle tone and can ease postpartum discomfort as well.

Stretching is also recommended for pregnant women because it helps reduce stress on joints and muscles. Since pregnancy can be taxing on the body, stretching now will help you feel better throughout your pregnancy and beyond. You may find that Yoga or Pilates workouts help to make your muscles more limber.

Eat Nourishing Foods

This should go without saying, but eating nourishing foods is critical. First, it will ensure that you don’t have any deficiencies now that could become more dramatic during pregnancy. Second, it helps you create good habits that will help nourish your baby while you’re pregnant. Of course, cravings and aversions may limit what you choose to eat, but in general, if you have healthy habits now, you will while you are pregnant.

Cultivate Healthy Relationships

It’s important to have a support network, especially when you’re pregnant. Cultivating healthy relationships can reduce stress, and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Plus when you have a spouse or partner to have children with, a strong relationship will help you both be better parents. Invite friends and family over for meals, ask for help from your community when needed, and find resources on parenting, pregnancy, and postpartum now.

Declutter Your Home

A tidy house can lower your stress. It’s best to declutter now so that you’ll have room for the baby and all the things that come with parenting when the time comes. Plus, if you aren’t always cleaning up messes, you can make more time for the things that matter most to you. It can also help you make decisions now about the things you want and don’t want in your house before it gets to be too overwhelming.

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