New Year is almost upon us as we enter the late autumn and winter months and as usual plenty of us will already be thinking about our resolutions.

It’s the same every year, once January 1 hits, you’ll see a brand new, healthy version of yourself, giving up the cigarettes, the cake and the booze to get a beach bod and be the perfect specimen. Of course, it’s easier said than done.

However, there are certain changes you can make to your life in January that really can last, and be not only life-changing in the short term, but the long too if you commit to them.

So, what healthy new year’s resolutions should you be making to improve your life and lifestyle?

Give up the bad habits

We are going to start with giving up the bad habits as it can be incredibly important to your health, especially if your bad habits are pretty severe. In which case they’re less habits more addiction. If you’re a heavy smoker, drug taker or alcohol consumer, then it’s time to take action.

More and more people are suffering from addiction these days, particularly from the likes of alcohol abuse and starting the year by getting help with that can be the platform you need to really turn your life into a healthy one. You’ll find many addiction detox centres and treatment programmes across the country. So why not have a consultation and honour what could be one of the most important resolutions you ever make.

Start a cookery class

Now it’s time to start something new, of which could even replace the hours spent drinking in bars and pubs. It’s all well and good saying you’re going to eat healthier in the new year (how many times have we heard that before?), but if you can’t actually cook then it’s not going to work is it?

That’s why it’s time to start learning how to create new dishes, and there are a number of ways you can do that. It could be as simple as trying new recipes online. Alternatively, you could go to a cookery class. Again, this could be online cookery classes or you could find a local one to head down to, where you could even make some new friends too.

Take up yoga

Living healthier and happier isn’t easy and a lot of it is in the mind, so you need to be able to combat and channel stress effectively. Not doing that effectively leads to drink, drugs and comfort eating. All the bad things we want to avoid in the new year.

Yoga is an amazing way to take control of stress and generate clear thinking and focus to tackle any problems in a calm and effective manner. The benefits to yoga really is endless and you can be an absolute novice even and really feel the benefits.

So, what’re you waiting for? Get that yoga mat bought ready for January 1, 2023.