Help in completing raids in the World of Warcraft. Who needs to order services and how not to be deceived

World of Warcraft belongs to the category of MMO RPG games that offer players a wide range of different game mechanics and activities to enhance their character. So, to get epic or legendary equipment in …


World of Warcraft belongs to the category of MMO RPG games that offer players a wide range of different game mechanics and activities to enhance their character.

So, to get epic or legendary equipment in WoW, the player has several options:

  1.  Perform various story and secondary tasks of increased complexity.
  2. Craft and progress as a master crafter of armor or weapons for your class (Blacksmith, Tailor, Leatherworker). You must reach a high rank in order to be able to create such items to accumulate enough resources and inscription.
  3. Complete raids of mythic and mythic+ levels as part of a group, often assembled from random players, who do not give any guarantee that the campaign will end successfully.

Risks when going on raids

The most difficult mythical raids require a well-played group in a large composition, and even if successful, you will have to share all the experience and loot with other players.

Mythic+ raids are more stable but require special keys to enter.

The essence of the raid is the constant killing of the same boss, with the ability to increase the difficulty level.

Each chapter of the dungeon has a drop of armor and weapons of a certain strength, for example, 515, and this is a great chance to fully equip the character in high-quality equipment and gradually increase the level of difficulty.

Now about the risks.

The biggest risk in any campaign is getting caught with an inexperienced or frankly stupid player who will not perform his role in the raid in a quality manner – dodging abilities, holding monsters if we are talking about a tank, responding correctly and quickly and healing if we are talking about a healer, deal little damage and not react to boss attacks if talking about carry and so on.

Any failure is a waste of time, nerves and a key, if we talk about a mythic + dungeon.

How does a regular raid work?

You form a battlegroup of players, or join a ready-made one and enter the dungeon.

You must fulfill the duties of your class based on the chosen role and make sure that the other players play theirs with high quality and skill, otherwise you can fail the raid.

Common causes of failure are bad and lazy actions of the tank and the healer – the first one does not keep the monsters and the boss on him, and they kill allies with weaker armor, and the healer does not have time to heal the tank and the situation repeats similarly to the previous one.

It is also possible to fail if the Damage Dealers recruited have poor equipment – this must be checked before entering, including the tank.

The group enters the combat zone, communicates in the general chat, and kills three types of bosses in order to gain the right to collect the general reward for completing the dungeon.

How is Wow Carry Raid from Skycoach going?

You order a raid carry service and join a ready-made and pre-formed and selected group of professional Skycoach players.

You must strictly follow the instructions of the group leader, because although you have a special status, the actions of any player can lead to failure and the more difficult the raid, the smaller the error is enough to defeat the boss.

The death mechanic is often used – the ability to die in a raid and remain dead until resurrection for an unlimited time before defeating the boss, or the death of all members of the group.

You die upon entering the zone and the players start the farming process.

They respect the mechanics of the raid and change the distance from or to the boss depending on the hint systems, destroy the surrounding monsters.

When the last boss is low on health, you will be resurrected to deal damage to fix your contribution and participate in the raid.

When the boss dies, the group members will scatter, and you will be able to get all the experience and drop alone.

Which character is right for you if you want to focus on raids as part of the gameplay

A raid is a regular event that always requires participants. After all, this is one of the main sources of obtaining the best equipment, which, by the way, can be sold later when it is too much for personal use.

The rarest professions that are lacking are healers. And this is not only about a character with the ability to heal, but fully active players who have a good reaction and desire for non-lazy gameplay – constant movement and the ability to maintain a balance between their own health and life and restore HP to their allies.

The second character will be a tank – a defensive war with pumped parameters of physical and magical protection and health.

A good tank is oblivious to the environment and can hold on to a lot of targets and switch quickly. The player in this role must have calmness and composure. A common tank mistake is trying to attack targets instead of protecting allies. That’s what damage dealers are for.

As for DD, the priority is more to physical damage dealers, that is, units with physical damage, then there are mages, as a class capable of killing other monsters in whole groups.

Good damage dealers will always be given priority when invited to a group, and equipment and weapons will have the overriding criterion for selection.

The damage dealer has an interesting gameplay, but requires a lot of investment from its owner to be effective in raids.

At least a weapon and a chance with critical attack power for warriors, and a good staff with magic attack power for magic classes.

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