High Destinations: Exploring The Globe’s Top Cannabis-Friendly Travel Spots

As cannabis legalization is becoming increasingly widespread, a new kind of tourism has emerged – cannabis tourism. These journeys provide a unique discovery into different cultures, landscapes, and traditions. Most people are already familiar with …

Denver street artowrk

As cannabis legalization is becoming increasingly widespread, a new kind of tourism has emerged – cannabis tourism. These journeys provide a unique discovery into different cultures, landscapes, and traditions.

Most people are already familiar with Amsterdam and consider it the cannabis capital of the world, but there are many other countries or areas for you to explore.

Nimbin, Australia

Found in New South Wales, Nimbin is known as Australia’s counterculture capital. The town has a laid-back, bohemian vibe and is renowned for its vibrant arts scene and annual Mardi Gras festival, a celebration and protest advocating for the decriminalization of cannabis in Australia.

Though recreational cannabis use isn’t legal in Australia, Nimbin has a unique attitude towards cannabis that makes it a fascinating stop for the canna-curious traveler.

This attitude isn’t a new concept either. Nimbin has had a roaring cannabis culture since 1973 and has been openly using the drug to help promote creativity and spirituality.

Since 1993, the town has held a festival called MardiGrass, which aimed to end the prohibition of cannabis throughout Australia. During the festival and parade, you can expect artwork, political statements, and a community supporting cannabis.

Beyond the cannabis scene, the town’s stunning surrounding rainforest and local art galleries provide plenty of non-cannabis-related activities to enjoy. You don’t need to partake in the substance to enjoy the culture.

Denver, Colorado, USA

As the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, Colorado is a pioneer in the American cannabis industry. Denver is home to hundreds of cannabis dispensaries offering everything from high-quality flowers to edibles and topicals.

Well aware of their political significance, the city allows open cannabis tours which provide a behind-the-scenes look at the industry.

However, although marijuana is legal for recreational use, it can only be enjoyed in private residences. This means hotel rooms are not legal locations for this activity.

If you’re visiting Denver on your cannabis tour, consider this stop as a historical location rather than a cultural atmosphere.

However, Denver has many similar experiences for you to enjoy. For example, the bustling craft beer scene! The state enjoys multiple beer-related festivals throughout the summer period.

Vancouver, Canada

Canada, being the second country to fully legalize cannabis, has a flourishing cannabis culture. Vancouver boasts a variety of dispensaries and cannabis-friendly lounges. Because public usage is legal, you can expect welcoming communities that share their homemade growths and experimental strain collections.

Visit during the annual 4/20 event for a truly unique experience, which will widen your horizons on what cannabis can be.

Beyond cannabis, Vancouver’s stunning parks, vibrant food scene, and close proximity to outdoor adventure make it a must-visit. You could spend a couple of days touring the cannabis culture in the area, and another couple exploring the amazing wilderness.

Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay was the first country to completely legalize cannabis, and because of that historical change, they offer a unique cannabis travel experience. Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital, has a variety of cannabis clubs where you can enjoy the plant in a social setting.

While in town, enjoy the city’s rich architectural history, beautiful beaches, and tantalizing cuisine.

Kingston, Jamaica

With its deep cultural connections to cannabis (or ganja, as it’s locally known), Jamaica provides a unique experience. Visit Kingston to tour a local ganja farm, enjoy a cannabis-infused spa treatment, or attend a reggae concert where the plant is often celebrated. Plus, the city’s rich musical history and stunning Caribbean scenery are not to be missed.

Expert Opinion

Although cannabis is celebrated in these areas, remember that each country or location will have its own rules you need to follow.

We spoke to Michael Barnes, co-founder of 420DC.com, on the issue. He said “Locals will share their cannabis community with any who welcome the experience. However, you should follow the country’s government’s advice before smoking publically or assuming all citizens think the same way.

For example, many Uruguay residents oppose the use of cannabis, and many more will buy from the black market for a cheaper rate despite the filler ingredients”.

Although you’ll want to jump into the community fun, it’s important to stay on the legal side of cannabis and respect the culture you are entering into.

Final Thoughts

Before you book your flights, research each location and the additional experiences you can expect. Your cannabis journey can be enhanced by exploring the local wildlife, adventure areas, and local festivals.

Add these ideas to your itinerary, to help you get started!

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