Home & Garden Trends for 2022

As this year begins to draw to a close, we can begin to look ahead to the upcoming design trends for next year. The emphasis on natural and sustainable elements will continue into the next …


As this year begins to draw to a close, we can begin to look ahead to the upcoming design trends for next year. The emphasis on natural and sustainable elements will continue into the next year, and aesthetics are set to become more refined and covetable. There is also an expectation that there will be a merging of natural, retro, and zen elements in the design trends for next year. Read on for a look at the specifics.

Retro Influences

Specifically, the 70s has had a huge resurgence, and it is incredibly effective. While some people are embracing this trend and looking to source all sorts of vintage furniture, others are looking for more subtle additions. You can incorporate a touch of the 70s by going for mossy greens, burnt oranges and other warmer neutrals for a subtle brightening of any interior.

Multifunctional Spaces

Single-use spaces are out, and multifunction is in. it is all about making use of every nook and cranny within the home. There are a number of options that you can use to divide your rooms up, which provide a huge number of opportunities for the room. Shelving, ladders, and screens are all fashionable and functional.

Zen Designs

At its core, zen encourages people to foster a peaceful and personal relationship with their own minds and a higher power outside of themselves. However, In design terms, this translates to light wood, clean lines, and surfaces. In order to feel relaxed and happy in the space, a less is more approach is encouraged as cluttered spaces lead to cluttered minds. Plants are also often included for their calming effect.


Minimalism is somewhat similar to the zen approach to interiors. It is meant to enhance your living space despite typically having less creature comforts. Followers of minimalism catalogue the uses of each room of the home and design the interior to fit this, cutting out all of the other clutter. Often only one or two materials dominate the design, such as metal or wood.

Rounded Edges

Harsh lines and angles are seen as clinical and cold, and so rounded edges are tipped to be big next year. Furniture and other pieces of décor with softer edges are more forgiving, and they can change the feel of a room. These softened forms help a room to flow better, and visually, they are more appealing.

Patterned Floors

Herringbone and other geometric patterned floors will see a huge comeback next year, continuing the resurgence of old favourites. They provide striking visuals, and they also offer an excellent contrast. However, if this is something you want to try out and, more importantly, pull off, you should stick to neutral colours to allow the shapes to make the most impact.
Minimalist flooring should also be taken into consideration as you plan to get a simple yet elegant design. Luvanto tile effect vinyl is a design that boasts minimalism without drastically covering other house designs. It’s a simple profound happiness of your modern and minimalist design.

The Colour Trends for 2022

Colour trends do come and go quickly, which is why you should think carefully before adding them into your interior design. That being said, there are some trends for this upcoming year that, if done properly, could stand the test of time. Firstly, neutrals and natural colour schemes are timeless and classic, and as such, it would be difficult for them to go out of style. Then there are shades of green, from pastels to bright, vivid colours. Finally, black accents add contrast, and they can be extremely effective.

White walls and light floors are also another timeless classic to bring in more light and make a room feel bigger. However, they can also be a little boring which is where this next trend comes in: painted doors and trims. These punctuate blank spaces and make them more interesting; you can also use leftover paint, which makes it more cost-effective too. Lastly, there are inverted contrasts, which means darker ceilings, hardware, floor, and trims.


One of the biggest trends for gardens next year is awnings. From patio to rain awnings and even free-standing awnings, they will be in demand next year. They allow you to extend your usable living space by allowing you to weatherproof part of your garden or decking. If done well, they can also add value to your property. Nationwide Home Innovations offer a range of awnings, and best of all, they have a no-obligation consultation too.


Another big trend is garden bars. This trend first emerged during the first wave of covid; however, its popularity shows no signs of stopping. There are a lot of different options when it comes to a garden bar; some people build a summer house to house their bar, whereas other people simply put it under their awnings. Whatever you decide, remember having your own bar means cheaper drinks and later opening times!

New Wave Gardens

New wave gardens are a new breed of garden that requires little to no maintenance. To do this, you simply choose flowers and plants that are suited to your environment instead of choosing plants that you have to work hard to cultivate. These ones grow and flourish with little encouragement. The ultimate aim is for the garden to look natural, as if you have had no input in it.

Vertical Gardening

This is exactly as it sounds, the use of plants to zone gardens or green buildings, as well as save space for those with small gardens. You can use climbing plants as well as other nifty solutions such as raised flower beds or hanging baskets. Vertical gardening can really make an impact and transform your garden; however, you do need to be green-fingered in order to pull it off.


Sustainability has come to the forefront in recent years, and this trend will continue next year. For your garden, this means vegetable gardens and encouraging animal inhabitants. Growing your own veg can save you money as well as reducing your carbon footprint. There are a few things that are relatively easy to grow. For the animals in your garden, you can plant things like lavender for the bee population, and you can put down some old pots to act as a shelter for hedgehogs and the like.

Smart Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be practical and stylish at the same time. The right lighting can create the right atmosphere as well as letting you enjoy your garden into the night and the winter months when it gets darker earlier. There are a number of choices, from fairy lights to table lamps, all of which can be integrated into a smart home system that allows you to turn them on and off, adjust the brightness and colour all from your phone. Make sure that the lights that you get are smart technology compatible.

In Conclusion

Home renovations, if done well, can add value to your property, and they are fun too. If you are looking to make some changes to your décor, whether inside or outside, you should have found some inspiration above. However, it is important to remember that trends come and go, so you should not be too easily influenced by them. What matters the most is that you like these design features, and you can live with them for what could be years before you have the time and money to renovate again.

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