Clearing a house can be an arduous task, taking time, energy draining, and an emotional toll on a lot of us. This is why hiring a house clearance company can be a big benefit for many people who need a house cleared. Whether the house is being cleared due to the death of a loved one, a major house move, or if someone is moving into assisted living or a care setting, a house-clearance company can do everything for you.

If you have not previously used a house clearance company, we can provide you with information about what the company can do for you and how costs are calculated.

What is House Clearance Hire

Woningontruiming also known as house clearance is what it sounds like, hiring a company to clear an entire house of possessions for you. There are various types of and reasons for a full house clearance, and usually, those situations are either stressful or upsetting. It could be that a full house clearance is needed due to the death of the resident; in this situation, the resident will often not have completed any preparation for the house clearance.

Family members may complete the house clearance, but in our experience, this is very upsetting and time-consuming, especially when other arrangements need to be made simultaneously. Hiring the services of a company such as Dutch Anchor will enable you to concentrate on supporting other family members, making funeral arrangements, and sorting financial issues.

Similarly, if a house resident dies and has no family, a house clearance company can be used by the state or landlord to clear the house in the absence of family. If a resident leaves a property and does not provide a forwarding address, a landlord may also engage the services of a house clearance company to empty the property before new tenants arrive.

It may also be beneficial for you to hire a house clearance company if you are temporarily posted abroad with your employer before deciding to relocate permanently. In this scenario, hiring a company that specializes in both house clearance and shipping is an easy way to save yourself the tasks of flying back to the property to arrange everything yourself.


House clearance costs differ vastly depending on the property being cleared and will be affected by the following: the size of the property, the volume of items being cleared, what you want to be done with the items, the condition of the property, and items to be cleared, and more. Therefore the only way to accurately estimate the cost of the hire will be to contact companies to arrange a personalized quote.

You can arrange a quote via telephone by contacting the house clearance company and giving details of the clearance you are looking to arrange. Most companies will then give you a detailed invoice and confirmed cost either upon seeing the property or once the job has been completed. You should fully discuss and arrange quotes and costs before the job is completed to avoid unexpected charges.