Last year, new products have regularly appeared on the cosmetics market, where hemp is the main active ingredient. And this trend continues to gain momentum. Since January 2018, California has fully legalized the use of marijuana, with a total of 29 US states next in line to say yes to hemp. The scientifically proven therapeutic effects of hemp oil and the legalization of marijuana are provoking a variety of remedies, from mosquito bite sticks to hemp-infused chocolates.

Hemp in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has also picked up this trend. It’s no secret that hundreds of years ago, hemp seed oil was used to heal and moisturize the skin. Long before the hype, many beauty brands used this ingredient in their products — from The Body Shop to Dr. Bronner’s. But now hemp cosmetics have a new round of popularity. There are brands on the market based entirely on cannabinoids. 

This popularity is explained, firstly, by the fact that more and more studies appear on how microdoses of cannabinoids (2.5-5 mg) positively affect the body, which does not lead to addiction or psychotropic effects. Those who want to get high can simply buy Delta-8 flower online. Secondly, the trend for natural cosmetics is getting stronger every year.

A hemp seed extract has become a popular ingredient in the last couple of years. It is not difficult to find it in body balms, oils, bath bombs, hand creams, face care — the products promise to improve the condition of the skin and relieve pain locally, and some even get stronger orgasms. 

Why Is Hemp Valuable? 

  1. Cannabis sativa species contain more than 480 active ingredients. Eighty of them are also called cannabinoids (they come into contact with the receptors of our nervous system and brain) and are found only in them.
  2. Hemp seeds contain 30–38% fatty oil, consisting mainly of unsaturated fatty acids’ glycerides. Hemp seeds are rich in amino acids, vitamins A, E, C, B, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, and fiber.
  3. Hemp seed oil is one of the driest — it is quickly absorbed, restoring the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, strengthening hair and nails. Due to gamma-linolenic acid, this oil saves from psoriasis and dry skin. Cannabidiol (CBD) in the composition reduces sebum production and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. The intoxicating or healing chemicals are concentrated mainly in the gooey golden resin that is released from flowers on female plants. In medicine, the dried tops of the female flower branches or leaves are used, as well as a tincture and extract from the herb.

In Conclusion

Thanks to cannabidiol, cannabis is gaining popularity not as an intoxicating drug, but as an expensive cosmetic ingredient to maintain beauty and health. The review of cannabis laws and the enthusiasm for the emergence of new science, where cannabis is a hero, not an enemy, boosts everyone’s desire to look at this plant from a new point of view.