Winter is the best time for straight hairstyles because the humidity is lower in the cooler months. However, as soon as the weather begins to heat up and the levels of humidity rise, your natural hair starts to revert. Luckily, there is an anti-humidity spray for your hair as well as several other ways to help you keep it straight. Read on to discover how you can humidity-proof your curly hair.

Why Natural Hair Reverts in Humidity

Humidity ruins your straight hair each time and day. Have you ever questioned why? Humidity increases levels of hydrogen bonds to the hair, which when broken, the structure of your hair changes. Dry, straightened hair is just like a sponge, meaning it’s ready to absorb moisture anytime.

When humidity accesses your straight hair, it immediately starts to absorb the moisture, making it return to its natural state. As the amount of moisture increases, the hair becomes curlier and frizzier. It’s vital to understand how humidity affects your hair so that you can know some of the ways to prevent this issue.

That being said, here are the tips, tools and products to help you keep your natural hair straight.

Find the Best Anti-Humidity Spray for Your Hair

Anti-humidity spray helps reduce flyaways and frizz and can protect your hair from the excess moisture in the air, which causes damage. The best anti-humidity spray can help you keep your hair well-moisturised and can also allow you to manage it easily, even with high levels of humidity.

If you’ve been facing hair problems as a result of humidity, the best anti-humidity spray should be your go-to option. It provides several benefits, which include sealing the hair shaft cuticles to prevent loss of moisture, locking enough moisture in the hair, adding hair sheen and shine, reducing hair static and flyaways, and providing long-lasting effects. An anti-humidity spray also helps increase hair volume, protect it from heat damage, and prevent fading of hair colour.

Implement Touch-Ups with Your Flat Iron

Sometimes humidity can damage your hair even after trying out several best practices. If that is the case, you should consider touch-ups with your flat iron. Using the right flat iron and straightening your hair mindfully will help you keep it sleek even in humidity.

Only touch areas that require it, and be sure to apply the best heat protectant before introducing any heat to your natural hair. Again, the primary goal here is to prevent heat damage. Also, remember to apply some kind of hydration after using your flat iron. Just ensure the hydrator isn’t water-based to prevent your hair from reverting to its natural state and texture.

Moisturise Your Hair

Dry hair is more susceptible to humidity, so ensuring it’s moisturised and nourished will minimise its thirst for water. Apart from using a hydration conditioner and shampoo, leave-in conditioners applied post-shower can significantly help seal in hydration. You can also include hair oils in your styling routine. They help nourish the hair while at the same time taming frizz.

Where Should You Get These Tools, and Products?

While you might have struggled with keeping your hair straight when the levels of humidity are high, you can now forget about this issue forever. All you need to do is to follow the tips and ways discussed above and apply the right tools and products from the leading manufacturers.