How Investing In Wholesale Hoodies Boosts Your Brand’s Swag

Some of you might be wondering how easily people come up with clickbait titles. Let’s just say it’s even easier to boost a brand’s reputation.  How? By investing in company swag products. Imagine going into …


Some of you might be wondering how easily people come up with clickbait titles. Let’s just say it’s even easier to boost a brand’s reputation. 


By investing in company swag products.

Imagine going into a random apparel store for winter shopping; one that you haven’t visited before. You see the store staff wearing customized sweatshirts of a specific color and notice the store’s logo highlighted on the front and brand tagline on the back. This leaves an impression on you, of the store. Now imagine if the store gave you one of those sweatshirts for free just for purchasing from them. That leaves an even bigger impression of the store, and it’s even more likely that you’d promote the store to people you know. 

This is essentially the purpose of company swag.

In this blog, we will be looking at a very specific, limited investment that will keep on boosting your brand’s swag. 


How Hoodies Can Give Your Brand A Lift

We are not talking about just one hoodie here. When you are investing in getting a big impression for your brand, make sure to invest in wholesale hoodies. Another benefit is that you will be saving more on the purchase if you can find a reliable “No-MOQ” wholesale apparel distributor offering bulk order discounts. 

To showcase a brand in the best way possible, swags shouldn’t be something that the target audience won’t appreciate. During the winter season, keychains and pens won’t cut it. Considering the season and every other aspect, hoodies are just the best choice to go for. 

“81% of recipients of promo products keep them for more than a year.”
Source: TotallyPromotional

That’s ROI that lasts for more than a year with just a one-time investment.

A good brand strategy must consider the following above all else.

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Employee Engagement
  • Emotional Impact

No matter who your brand hands a hoodie to in colder months, be it prospects, employees or customers, they will appreciate it. A hoodie easily checks the three aforementioned points, creating positive impressions that build both trust and reputation.

Even More Reasons How Hoodies Can Give Your Brand A Lift

They are simply valuable – Why spend more money purchasing wholesale custom hoodies when you can get a few sticky badges with your logo instead, right? Ask yourself which of these two have more perceived value. You probably wouldn’t stick a badge with some brand’s logo on something you will be taking outdoors. Stuff like that normally ends up as junk inside a drawer. The perceived value of a hoodie is much higher, especially during Fall and Winter. Your employees would love to get one and so do your customers. 

They are mobile advertisements – I mean, come on, how many people will actually notice your brand’s logo on a sticky badge or a keychain that’s with one of your customers. The brand itself and its message won’t go far for sure. It’s a different story if that customer is wearing a hoodie with your brand logo on it at a crowded place. Potentially a lot of people will notice your brand in a single day. And if the hoodie is uniquely customized – with the right color shades and designs, the impact is bigger where people will recall what they saw on the hoodie. All of this from a single investment. 

They engage better – They are the best kind of stuff you could use for a giveaway or promotions. One, because people will just love to get a comfy, stylish hoodie for free. And the other is that purchasing wholesale hoodies is actually quite affordable for the brand. 

They unite your staff – Who said your brand’s swag is all about enticing your customers and prospects? Give a few customized, uniform hoodies to your staff as maybe a reward or a holiday gift. They will not only appreciate it but will also talk about it in their circles. Additionally, customers will see the staff wearing the hoodies at work which tells them how the brand appreciates their own. A morale boost for employees is just one of many benefits.

Ready to invest in hoodies?

Make sure you know which brand to choose and where to get them from. I recommend checking wholesale blank Port & Company hoodies. Lots of options, even more color choices, and quite budget-friendly. If you can find a wholesaler that also offers print-on-demand services, you save even more compared to having a third-party customize the merchandise. 

Now go get that brand strategy in motion with a not-so-small boost from hoodies. 

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