How Non-Native English Speakers Can Increase Earnings

According to the Office for National Statistics’ 2021 census, 91.1% of residents (52.6 million out of 57.7 million people over the age of three years) in England and Wales speak English as their first language, …

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According to the Office for National Statistics’ 2021 census, 91.1% of residents (52.6 million out of 57.7 million people over the age of three years) in England and Wales speak English as their first language, leaving 8.9% who don’t. That’s 5.1 million people who speak a language other than English as their first language.

Navigating the job market

Breaking into the UK job market can feel a little daunting for people whose first language isn’t English. Language barriers can sometimes hold you back from communicating effectively during job interviews. And some people feel that it’s difficult to compete with native English speakers in the workplace.

But with a few simple strategies and the drive to get ahead, non-native English speakers can unlock opportunities to build a career – or even a multi-income career – and secure financial stability.

Traditional full-time employment is only one way of earning an income. Instead of being restricted to a single 9–5 job, multilingual job seekers can also enjoy the benefits of becoming a multi-income individual.

Embracing multifaceted income streams

A multi-income individual (or a ‘Mii’ for short), is someone who has more than one source of income. This could look like having that 9–5 job as a main income stream, but also running an Etsy shop selling arts and crafts in your spare time. Or having a couple of different part-time jobs. Or owning a small business while driving for Uber.

Having more than one income stream and diversifying income sources gives an extra layer of financial stability and flexibility. And because absolutely anyone can become a multi-income individual, it can remove some of the challenges of language proficiency when looking for work.

According to the Utility Warehouse Miis report, there are currently over 20 million people with more than one income stream in the UK. This number is projected to grow to 25 million by 2025. And as more and more people take up an extra side hustle or several jobs, it’s becoming less and less unusual to know someone who does this.

Strategies for earning an extra income

While some work additional part-time jobs, others start their own businesses because they find it more flexible. For example, teaching your language, selling items or planning events.

One effective multi-income strategy that’s gaining popularity is becoming a UW Partner.

Utility Warehouse, also known as UW, is a multiservice company that offers their customers energy, broadband, mobile and insurance. UW Partners are officially-registered distributors of their services, and earn an income by recommending them.

Because anyone from any walk of life can become a Partner, and Partners can choose to work as much or as little as they like, many find that it easily fits into their lives. And while some are Partners on the side of other jobs, others dedicate more time to it and become so successful that it becomes their main source of income.

Saving on household bills with UW

As well as being a way to earn an extra income, Utility Warehouse enables their customers to save money on regular household bills by offering discounts on service bundles. And although UW Partners aren’t obligated to also become customers, many choose to so they can also benefit from the company’s multiservice savings.

By both partnering with UW and taking advantage of UW’s services and cashback rewards with their Cashback Card, second-language job seekers can save as well as earn money. This can go a long way in easing financial strain and building financial well-being for the future.

Finding fulfilment in helping others

There’s another not-so-secret power to becoming a UW Partner – and that’s making new friends.

Beyond providing financial benefits, being a UW Partner means getting to chat with lots of people, and many Partners have found that this results in lifelong friendships. Not only that, but helping others save money on their home services can feel very rewarding, boosting mental as well as financial well-being.

And because the job involves talking to people, it’s also a great opportunity to strengthen English language skills. After all, the best way to improve in any language is to keep talking.

Despite the challenges a non-native English speaker may face in cracking the UK job market, there are a wealth of opportunities to tap into with alternative income streams like becoming a Utility Warehouse (UW) Partner.

Are you or is anyone you know looking for an additional income stream with any language background? Why not let them know about this opportunity today?

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