How to Align Teeth by use of Dental Veneers & Other Procedures

There are very few occasions where smiling will not be valuable. Whether you are in an office or business environment, a social gathering or a school expedition, a nice smile goes a long way toward …


There are very few occasions where smiling will not be valuable. Whether you are in an office or business environment, a social gathering or a school expedition, a nice smile goes a long way toward boosting everyone’s mood and energizing them.

The converse is true. People who do not smile stand the risk of adding more gloom to a dull environment. Unfortunately, some people fail to smile or to express their warmheartedness through smiles, because they are shy to expose their crooked teeth. Nobody should ever have to contend with such a predicament in this age when dental medicine has embraced modern technology.

Read on to learn the challenges brought about by crooked or ill-aligned teeth, and how such problems can be solved.

One of the problems of poor teeth alignment is malocclusion, where you feel like you have too many teeth in the mouth; more than the normal 32! This is a challenge of an overcrowded mouth – something that can be solved by dental specialists to give you an enviable Hollywood Smile.

What makes malocclusion a big dental problem?

Patients should have tried orthodontic treatments for that kind of dental problem. Smile Dental never suggest dental crowns or veneers If the patient didn’t try orthodontic treatments.

Patients who already tried orthodontic treatments and who are older than 21 should have that kind of dental treatment. Patients should do their own research such as consulting a local dentists or checking Trustpilot reviews for decisions.


The term “underbite” portrays a situation where a person’s lower teeth have extended beyond the upper ones. This is a condition that often develops up to adulthood if as a child the person engaged in thumb-sucking, pacifier use, or other repetitive behaviour.

Some people develop this form of malocclusion just because they were genetically predisposed.

Because this form of dental malalignment can cause difficulties in speaking, doctors sometimes recommend extraction of some of the teeth, followed by fitting of dental implants. In certain cases, dental experts may recommend the use of dental bridges. Still, it is worth noting that parents can help mitigate this problem by discouraging or stopping their children from doing things that make them vulnerable to a malocclusion.

There is also a dental procedure available in well-established clinics like Smile Dental Clinic, where teeth are realigned without making use of either braces or dental veneers. This orthodontic procedure is known as “Invisalign”.


The problem of overbite is right the opposite of underbite. This means the person’s upper teeth grow beyond the position of the lower teeth. Just as in the underbite situation, children who thumb-suck until they are three years old or beyond, or those who continue to use pacifiers beyond this age, risk developing malocclusion.

In the same vein, people who keep pressing their tongues against the inner part of their teeth risk developing malocclusion.

Besides causing malalignment of the teeth, these bad oral habits cause some teeth to wear out faster than normal. If this happens, the best thing to do is seek professional advice, to have the problem solved through the fitting of dental veneers.

It is not advisable to get used to living with dental problems of this nature, because over time they can lead to damaged gums. Dental doctors have been known to link problems with the gum to strained breathing, something that is detrimental to health.


A crossbite is linked to the overgrowth of teeth in adulthood, a dental problem that causes the upper and lower palates to be poorly aligned. Hence, the teeth end up crisscrossing when you try to bite down.

Usually, people develop crossbite when, after getting rid of their milk teeth, the teeth that develop thereafter prove to be larger than the earlier ones. Malalignment of teeth then results as the jaw attempts to adjust to accommodate the newly emerged teeth.

Crossbite has been found to cause chipping and cracking of teeth, sometimes accompanied by bleeding of the gum. Other times you may even experience pain within the jaw.

Although the most common solution to crossbite is Invisalign, the problem of chipped or cracked teeth can be solved by the use of dental veneers. If the roots of some teeth have been affected, dental implants can also work.

Teeth crowding the mouth

Some people have teeth that do not fit well in their mouths, right from the start. This situation causes individual teeth to put pressure on one another; a condition that is termed “overcrowding”.

Because some of the teeth end up overlapping, it becomes difficult to clean the teeth thoroughly as required daily. Attempts at brushing and flossing are hardly effective, and one is likely to develop plaque in areas not well-cleaned.

A problem of this nature should not be ignored. If you are in a country that has yet to acquire modern dental technology, it would be a good idea to seek professional dental services abroad. Turkey, for example, has become one of the highly sought medical destinations, where people visit with misaligned teeth and leave with a great Hollywood Smile.

Gapped teeth

The problem of gapped teeth occurs when the mouth is too large for the teeth. As a result, the teeth are spread out as they emerge out of the gum, as opposed to developing right next to one another.

Food ends up sticking between the spaced-out teeth, and normal brushing or flossing can lead to tender gum that causes discomfort, and, sometimes, pain. While cavities developing due to ineffective oral hygiene can be treated through dental implants, the unwarranted spacing can be addressed through the use of porcelain veneers. Still, some dental practitioners recommend Invisalign treatment.

Open bite

In an open bite, the upper and lower teeth hardly meet even as you try to bite down. People with this dental challenge sometimes experience pain in certain parts of the mouth. They also have challenges chewing food and speaking. The challenge is also emotionally frustrating.

In cases where teeth malalignment is not too serious, the doctor may recommend the use of dental veneers; otherwise, such a problem is usually solved through the use of braces or by way of Invisalign treatment. With veneers, not only is the functionality of the teeth enhanced, but the person’s health and looks are no longer in jeopardy. People have now realized that investing in dental health is not a luxury but a necessity.

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