Winter is here and it’s one of the most exciting seasons of the whole year. December is especially one of the most wonderful months of the year, as it’s the most Holly-Jolly month of the whole year. Christmas is one of the most magical times of the whole year, everything is decorated with wondrous lights and trees, everyone’s smiling more and the “Jingle Bells” playing always somewhere in the background.

Needless to say that Christmas holidays are always good timing for traveling somewhere nice. There are many cities around Europe that are amazing when it comes to winter holidays.

Of course, before visiting a new winter destination, it’s very important to prepare yourself properly in order to enjoy the trip with all the comforts. First and foremost it is important to pack your warm clothes in order to be comfortable and chic during your trip.  Another very important thing that you shouldn’t neglect while traveling, is your eye health. Our vision is actually a gift that gives us the chance to admire everything around us.

Therefore, protecting your eyes while traveling during winter is as important as packing your suitcase. Read below and find out the best ways of protecting your eyes during winter trips.

1. Sunglasses no matter the season

The first and most important tip in order to take good care of your eyes during your next winter trip is to wear your sunglasses. If you think that wearing sunglasses during summer is wrong, you are wrong. The sun is up in the sky, every day, no matter if it’s winter or summer. So, don’t neglect to pack your favorite pair of clip-on sunglasses in order to avoid the most harmful UV rays and the cold wind. Especially if the weather is very cold your eyes might be very dry and wearing sunglasses is the only way to prevent this. Especially if you are planning to go for a ski break, wearing special sunglasses is very important to enjoy hitting the slopes without worrying about any bad incidents.

2. Visit an optician before or during your trip

Moreover, another very important tip that you must keep in mind, is to visit a good optician before your trip in order to check your vision health. This way a specialist will examine your eyes and will tell if your vision is clear or if you are suffering from myopia or other eye problem. After the examination, the optician will give you a prescription according to your eye health issue, or he will suggest which pair of glasses is right for you. But if you are already on a trip to the UK and you suddenly feel your vision is blurry, don’t wait to return to your country. The best you can do for now is to visit an optician in the UK, such as in Southampton.

3. Dry eye symptoms

Last but not least, many people around the world, especially during winter, suffer from intense dry eye symptoms. In case you are suffering too, the best thing you can do is to stay hydrated all over your trip. This way your skin will be softer and your body will be stronger and more energetic during sightseeing around town. In case you are interested in why you should drink eight glasses of water a day, you can search it around the Internet,