When you exercise, your body releases endorphins – happy hormones – that make you feel good about yourself. Research has also found that being active over a longer period of time can actually lead to beneficial long-term changes in brain composition. So, to help you keep on track and ensure your workouts down burnout, we take a look at some essential oils that can really make a difference when it comes to your daily exercise routine.


Essential oils from the citrus family are just perfect for the time leading up to your workout. They come with therapeutic properties that are packed with citrus aromas, ensuring they’re vibrant and zesty as you prepare to hit the gym. Tisserand’s Energy Boost blend is bursting with vibrant citrusy aromas that will get you in the right mood as you prepare yourself for a workout.

Extracted from the rind or peel of the fruit, citrus fruit oils are produced in the same way. The key ingredient is the skin of the fruit, so next time you peel an orange or lemon, take a look at the vital essence on the inside of the skin before you discard it. A process known as expression is utilised in order to extract essential oils from the skins of citrus fruits.

One of the top performers when it comes to citrus fruit oils is orange, which is bright, refreshing and sweet. When you smell orange, you immediately think of glorious sunshine and vitality, so it’s a great one to try if you’re hoping to put a smile on your face.

Alternatively, lime is another stunning scent that’s ideal before a workout. Although native to India, lime is now grown in different parts of the world and is much more mellow than lemon oils. It’s best used when you’re feeling lethargic, and its wonderful aroma will kick start your workout in the right way.

Last but not least in our citrusy lineup is grapefruit, which is a fruit that got its name because one time, it was thought to taste a little like grapes! Now, grapefruit is known for its zesty kick and is great as oil for relieving feelings of apathy and emotional fatigue.


When your workout is over, it’s time to pat yourself on the back. You can also start planning your rest session to ensure your muscles repair and recover in the right way. Tisserand’s Muscle Ease blend is just perfect for that recovery period when your muscles are still aching from your workout. Let’s take a look at some of the flavours in more detail.

First up is ginger, a warming and soothing plant that has a distinct kick. It is distilled from the rhizome of the plant and has been used as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine practices for centuries, particularly for aches, pains, and digestive issues. It will bring warmth and comfort to tired muscles.

Next is rosemary, a herb that is found in gardens all around the world and boasts an immediately recognisable scent. It is often used as a tonic in Western herbal remedies and is distilled from the young shoots of the herb. Its pungent aroma will help to pick you up after a particularly tough workout session.

Finally, lemongrass brings a sharp and zesty addition to Muscle Ease and keeps your mind sharp and focused. It can also enhance circulation and does a great job of relieving some of the tension in your muscles.

All in all, adding some aromatherapy oils to your workout is a great way to prepare and relax your body before and after and will enhance your overall experience of hitting the gym or going for a run.