The pandemic has given many people the chance to reflect on their choices in life and to dream about what could have been. For many, this has been the catalyst to change their life and seek a new direction. But how should you go about changing your career?

1. Work out what you love

The main stumbling block many would-be career changers face is that they don’t know what they want to do with their lives. They may be ground down by the routine of many years of hard work in a career that paid the bills but did not inspire them. They may have forgotten what they love to do. One thing that may help them see a direction is to make a list of things they enjoy, things they are good at and things they can make money from.

2. Think about your skills

Some people choose to change careers completely and this may require further training to get qualified in the role. Others may use skills they already have to transfer within their own industry or to transition into a new one. Many skills can be classified as “transferrable” between industries. For example, an English teacher might decide to get into proof-reading or copywriting. Consider your hobbies too. If you have a certain skill, you could turn this into a new career.

3. Consider working for yourself

When Sarah, 34, took a year off to go travelling, she realised that what gave her the most pleasure on her travels was to take a cookery class in each country she visited. She had always loved cooking but had never thought it was possible to switch careers. The pandemic gave her some time to think about her life and this spurred her to take a professional baking course online. Before she knew it, she was looking at bakery ovens and premises with a view to opening an artisanal bakery. Within a few months of graduating she had started her own business and she was loving the change. Likewise, many professionals have decided to quit their corporate jobs and set up as consultants, using skills they already had but having more control over their destiny,

4. Start a side hustle

Many people lack courage when it comes to change. It seems safer to stay with the status quo even if it’s not bringing them joy. One option in this scenario is to start a side hustle. Before committing to leaving your career, you could start a side business and grow that while still having the security of your main job. When the side hustle is enough to support you, you can then make the decision about whether you would like to make the leap for good.

The world has been on hold for some time, but it’s been an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate life goals and work-life balance. As the working world has changed in response to the pandemic, there’s never been a better time to forge a new path. Whether your true desire in life is baking, coaching, or just simply working less, isn’t it time you gave yourself the opportunity to do what you truly love?