How To Choose An Eyelash Extension Kit?

Before putting the eyelash extensions on, you need to know how to choose them. Even when you reach out to professionals for these, you should know that there is a range of choices available. The …


Before putting the eyelash extensions on, you need to know how to choose them. Even when you reach out to professionals for these, you should know that there is a range of choices available. The eyelash professional should choose the eyelashes that suit your face shape. It should also depend on your style preferences and the shape of your eyes. You should know about the basics.

Moreover, if you are a beautician opting to do the lash treatment for your clients, you don’t want to move with wings. Hence, we are here to help you understand the basics of choosing eyelashes for yourself. You can also take a professional class if needed.

How to choose?

If you’re a budding makeup artist, you need to try the basics on your own rather than doing it on others. Experiment with yourself before doing the same with others.

Make sure that you keep some of the important factors in mind

There cannot be the anyone-size-fit approach for the eyelash extensions. Every client is different, and their needs and requirements also vary accordingly. Hence, it would help if you had an idea about choosing the right eyelashes. Furthermore, you should have in-depth knowledge and professional training about eyelashes. Make sure to consider the below-mentioned things to ease your process.

  • Personal Taste: Whether you like classy, flashy, glamorous, subtle, or natural eyelashes? The type of eyelashes will depend upon your choice.
  • Eye shape and the placement: Whether your eyes are round or almond-shaped or close-set or wide-set? Whether it is monolid or is hooded or is upturned, downturned, or protruding. Depending on the shape of the eyes, you will have to select the extensions.
  • Eye size: Whether the size of the eyes is big, small, or medium. Depending on the size of your eyes, you will have to select the eyelash extensions.
  • Eye colour: Whether the colour of your eyeballs is brown, blue, hazel, green, amber, or grey? You can select the extensions based on the colour of the eyeball.

Finding the right eyelash length

The length will differ depending on the location from where you buy these eyelashes. There are certain parlours where you might get various shapes of eyelashes. You can thus select the best set of eyelashes for yourself.

You need to have in-depth knowledge to find out how to choose eyelashes. You can further opt for online and on-site courses as given by the professionals. It is advisable to choose professional artists for fixing the eyelashes.

You might feel that selecting the size is easy as you will simply have to choose between long, medium, and small eyelashes. But this is not very easy. For example, if you have natural short eyelashes, they may not provide enough support to the long eyelashes thereby preventing volume. However, if you have long lashes, you should choose short extensions to make your natural lashes appear voluminous. Every beauty enthusiast wants to choose an extension that makes their eyes shine bright and beautiful. Hence, make sure to choose an eyelash extension kit that will do the talking on your behalf. Eyelash extensions of 11-13mm are the most suitable ones. This is mostly because they’re a subtle look and do not appear too extra or too dull.

If you don’t know how to choose eyelash extensions, you need to do your research today. Hence, make sure to practise and then head on with selecting the lashes.

How to choose or maintain the thickness of eyelashes

There cannot be an ideal thickness for the eyelashes. With proper training and experience, you will learn the art as to which volume eyelashes should you recommend to your clients. You will have a general idea about the thickness that you should select. This will eventually help you get the look that you so desperately want to have.

Well, you need to know what you want? Classic extensions? Voluminous extensions? Hey, each of them has its own perks. And once you know how to choose the perfect extensions, you will need to consider these two categories. Although it appears that they have no significant impact, one should note that there’s a huge difference.

If you choose the classic eyelash formula, you should follow the 1:1 score. Hence, it means that one extension will further be applied to another. If your customers are looking to achieve a natural eyelash extension with a long length, then you should make your clients opt for classic eyelashes. Also, it is advisable to choose a good base of natural lashes.

The voluminous lashes are also known as Russian lashes. This is mostly because these lashes appear fluffier, soft and light. Furthermore, as the name goes, voluminous eyelashes can make your eyes appear full. If you want a heavy look, voluminous eyelash extensions should be your #1 priority. When you apply two lashes, it is known as 2D lashes, and the three lashes are known as 3D lashes.

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