How to Choose the Best TV Mount?

In the past few years, mounting a flat-screen TV or plasma TV on a wall has become more and more popular. People are choosing a TV wall mount instead of perching it on an entertainment …


In the past few years, mounting a flat-screen TV or plasma TV on a wall has become more and more popular. People are choosing a TV wall mount instead of perching it on an entertainment center. The question is whether you want to make this upgrade. What do you need to know? How to choose the best TV mount? We have the answers for you.

Wall-mounted set looks more attractive than a TV sitting on a stand. And it will keep your family safe from TV tip-overs. A TV wall bracket is an essential part of mounting your TV. Let’s find the answers to your questions.

Does it matter what TV mount you buy?

Well, buying a suitable amount for your specific TV is essential. But do not worry, finding one is easy and doesn’t require much information.

When you try to select a wall mount, there are three factors you need to consider. Those are your wall material, the size of the TV wall bracket you need, and what you want to do with your TV once it is mounted.

How to be certain what wall mount your TV needs?

This is another easy answer. Nowadays, a TV mount comes with everything you need to install the TV wall mount bracket into drywall, which is the most common interior material.

Yet, we have to stress, that if you want to hang the TV on another kind of surface, say brick, stone, or plaster, you will need more equipment than you will find in the box.

Is there a one-size-fit all TV?

The question here is do all TV wall mounts fit all TVs? Well, the simple answer is no. As we said before, when you want to mount your TV, you have to pay attention to the size of the TV wall bracket.

Yes, most TV and wall mount manufacturers have agreed on a standard. It has four screw holes arranged in a rectangle on the back of the set. This is the VESA standard, and you only have to worry about the distance between them.

VESA measures spacing in millimeters, meaning it will look something like 300mm x 200mm. It means the rectangle of screw holes is 300 mm wide and 200m tall. TV wall mount bracket options usually accommodate various sizes. You can find the compatible sizes on the box or listing.

How to get the best TV Wall Mount?

When you want to get a wall mount for your plasma TV or any other TV, you need to find the right type of TV mount.

There are several types of mounts, including fixed mount, tilting mount, and full motion mount. We cannot say one style is better than the other. It all depends on the layout of your room and where do you plan to hang the TV.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the different types.

Fixed TV wall mount

The Fixed TV wall bracket attaches to the wall and holds your TV. That is its sole purpose. There are no adjustments once you put the bracket up on the wall.

This is the best option for a living room and other rooms where you only watch the screen from one angle. These are usually low-profile and hold the set closer to the wall.

Now, a low-profile bracket is not your best choice if you want and need full access to the cables. Yet, it provides the neatest look if you have an extra-thin TV.

A fixed mount will not let you tilt or swivel your TV. If you mainly sit directly in front of your TV and you have the space to keep the TV at an optimal position, viewing angle, and height, these are great.

Tilting bracket

A tilt mount bracket is great when you want to adjust the screen to avoid glare or watch from a different viewing angle. Say, for example, you need to tilt your TV and watch from a treadmill. Then, you move it back when you sit on the couch.

A tilt wall mount type is better than a fixed mount when you view it from different angles. These wall mounts also allow you to angle the TV downward if you are hanging your flat screen TV high on the wall.

Full motion wall bracket

The last mount type is the full motion wall bracket. This one can tilt up and down and left and right. You can also pull it away from the TV wall. Thanks to this feature you get complete and easy access to the cables. And you can also see the TV screen from anywhere in the room.

This mounting bracket is great for placing a TV in a corner.

What to look for?

There is no best TV mount and best TV wall bracket. It depends on your needs and uses. A fixed bracket will work just fine most of the time. If you need to change the angle, you need a tilting or full-motion one.

When it comes to the factors you need to consider, we have four factors.

  • Look for a mounting bracket that will hold a 55-inch TV, since most families nowadays have a 55-inch screen TV and up
  • A mount with a thin profile, usually a two-inch mark or thinner
  • Mount that offers post-install level adjustment so that you can raise or lower each side of the TV after installing it on the TV wall
  • UL-approval mounts that have gone through independent tests to confirm they can hold at least four times their advertised weight rating

How to mount your TV and install a TV mount

When you want to mount a TV on a wall without wires showing, cut two small holes in the sheetrock to drop cords through the wall. Start by cutting the top hole inside the bracket area. There, the TV will hide the wires once it is mounted. Then, cut the second hole about one foot above the floor directly beneath the first hole and use steel fish tape to feed the cords.

Speaking of installing a TV mount, it is not hard if you are handy. Many of them come with a template you can follow to position your TV wall mount and drill the holes.

We suggest to lag-bolt the mount to the vertical studs behind the wall, not on the drywall itself or into the masonry. This is the most secure installation.

Tip: most retailers sell concealment kits for concealing wires and cables.

How to remove a TV from a wall mount?

If you need to remove the TV for any reason, start by unplugging all cords. That includes any cable connected to your TV, be it video game or streaming device wires.

Then, grab the bottom of the TV and tilt it gently towards you. Lift it, and then unscrew or pull the strings to unblock the safety lock.

All you have left to do is lift the television off the mount and place it carefully on a solid surface.

How high to mount a TV on the wall?

There is no general rule of thumb. Every person prefers a different height. Yet, generally speaking, your TV screen, be it flat screen TV or plasma TV should be about eye level for seated viewers.

Generally speaking, this means 42 inches from the floor to the middle of the TV. Yet, this can differ. There are taller people. And it also depends on furniture size and other factors.

Where to buy a TV wall mount?

We talked about how to choose the best TV mount and how to install it. What are the types and so on. But where you can buy it?

Well, this is the simplest answer. You can find TV wall mounts and wall mounting accessories at pretty much every major retailer. Think of any store like Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart, or any other electronics store.

There are options for every mount style and TV size.

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