How to choose women’s waistcoats and front of house uniforms

Front of house staff are responsible for giving a great first impression of your business, so they need to wear a smart and professional uniform that makes customers notice. You can utilise your front of …


Front of house staff are responsible for giving a great first impression of your business, so they need to wear a smart and professional uniform that makes customers notice.

You can utilise your front of house uniform to set the tone of your business. Current trends and options give you the chance to create an eye-catching uniform that demonstrates the wearer’s authority and aligns with your business’ branding, but how do you go about making the right look?

Created by Alexandra Workwear, this guide helps you through the best questions to ask yourself when choosing a women’s waistcoat and front of house uniform to ensure you get the right clothing for your business.

What to look for in women’s waistcoats & front of house clothing

While you may want your business to look unique and stand out from the competition, you should still stick to the underlying principles for choosing great front of house uniforms to make sure your staff are happy, comfortable and able to do their jobs.

Choose durable clothing

Fitting your entire team with a new uniform is expensive, so you don’t want to do it often. Therefore you should look for clothing designed as workwear from a trusted supplier because it’ll be more durable for the tasks at hand.

You can see if a product is made by a trusted supplier by:

Checking the garment’s fabric

Choose front of house uniforms that are made from materials likely to last and keep your staff comfortable. The best fabric for this is a polyester/cotton blend because it gives so many benefits to your weather. The natural cotton makes the fabric breathable, while the synthetic polyester adds strength and is an easier surface to wipe clean.

Consider the guarantee length

Only manufacturers that make durable products offer lengthy guarantees because they have trust that the garments will last. Therefore you can use the length of the guarantee to gauge the garment’s quality and help you make the right decision.

One of the best retailers to purchase workwear from is Alexandra because we offer a two-year guarantee from the date of delivery on all of our own brand items.

Read their Trustpilot reviews

Seeing what other people from your industry write about the workwear is the best way to gauge if a product is right for you. So look for manufacturers who achieve at least a four-star Trustpilot rating because you know you can trust the garments they’re selling.

Choose comfortable clothing

If you want your staff to do a good job, you have to make sure they’re comfortable. When it comes to workwear, the easiest way to keep staff happy is to dress them in clothing that conforms to the correct safety standards and suits the demands of their roles. Make sure you choose garments that are:

Made from suitable fabrics

If your servers work outside, you need to think about how to keep them cool and protected from the sun in summer and warm and protected from the cold in winter. Breathability is the essential feature to think about here because getting it right helps keep your staff at a comfortable temperature.

Properly sized

A properly sized uniform allows staff to move around freely without rubbing or chafing that can cause blisters. So you want to avoid lower quality uniforms that are either made from rough material or designed to be unisex, which ends up fitting no one well.

You should shop from a brand that offers expert fitting and proper size guides, as this helps you ensure every staff member gets the size to make them most comfortable while on shift.

Choose clothing that matches your brand

As your front of house staff are the first team members your customers see, their uniform is a branding opportunity that’s not to be missed.

Firstly, you should choose a style of clothing that matches your brand. For example, a traditional hotel might choose a black and white suit topped with a waistcoat. In comparison, a city cafe might want to go for a more casual look.

Once you’ve got the base right, you should consider adding bespoke designs to your uniform. Companies like Alexandra offer embroidery services to add your business logo, employee names and roles to their uniform.

By playing around with personalisation, you can maximise the real estate on your clothing.

Where to buy the best front of house workwear

Visit Alexandra Workwear for an online front of house uniform shop that offers all of the above benefits and many more. All of our garments come with a two-year guarantee from the date of delivery and free delivery on orders over £60.

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