Carpets, above everything else in the home, suffer a lot of spills and damage.  Walking on your carpet with shoes on, spilling food and drink or having a pet running around are just a few of the many things that can get your carpet dirty, and that can make the task of cleaning them a little tricky!  By making sure that you are cleaning your carpet on a regular basis, you are ensuring that it will last for longer and is always looking its best!  This article will go over some of the essential tips you need to clean your carpet the right way, to make it easier for you and to keep it looking great for as long as possible!

Regular clean

Not every clean of your carpet needs to be a deep clean; in fact, doing more regular smaller cleans is what will make deep cleans easier and less frequent! We recommend vacuuming once a week, doing a routine clean every couple of months and doing a deep clean twice a year.

For a regular clean, vacuuming first is an absolute must.   This is what will do the initial lifting of dust and dirt that might be hanging around on your carpet, making it look dull or dirty.  A good quality vacuum will be able to lift all of these particles before you go in to clean the fibres of the carpet themselves.  This important step also prevents rubbing the dust and dirt further into the carpet.

The next step of a routine clean is to treat the individual stains on the carpet (this will be most effective when done as soon as possible after the stain occurs) by using the most appropriate method.  For liquid spills, dab at the moisture with a colourless cloth or paper towel and for solids try to lift them away from the carpet before using a stain remover.

Deep clean

As long as you regularly clean your carpet, a deep clean should only be needed approximately twice a year and we would recommend using an industrial carpet cleaning machine . However, even seemingly clean carpets do need this to be done as it is the only thing that will remove heavier debris and brighten the carpet as a whole.  For a deep clean, you can either buy a carpet shampoo to use or combine a solution of white vinegar and water instead.  Work on small areas at a time.  Apply the carpet cleaning solution, blot, then allow it to dry by itself.