How To Create a Modern Interior For Summer Houses

One of the most important decisions to be made when installing a summer house is its interior. While the exceptional log shapes in themselves allow you to create unique architectural solutions, and the wood texture …


One of the most important decisions to be made when installing a summer house is its interior. While the exceptional log shapes in themselves allow you to create unique architectural solutions, and the wood texture gives the space a special naturalness, combining these features with thoughtful interior solutions will create a real dream home for yourself and your loved ones. It is important to keep in mind that the choice of logs for the construction of your summer house is far from obliging to install it in a specific style, so you should not be afraid of original solutions that would create an exclusive cottage interior without going too far from natural motives.

Turning a log summer house into a modern home has its own challenges, but the log itself is a perfect match in a modern home when combined with contrasting materials and colors, tastefully adapting the furniture in the room as well. To install a modern wooden summer house that is not too far from nature, you should pay more attention to a few essential solutions.

Interior decoration of the summer house

When you start considering how to install your summer house, first of all, you should consider what interior decoration would best suit your cozy lounge. Although the cottage itself is associated with naturalness and nature, this does not mean that only natural wood should be used for the walls, floor and ceiling of the summer house. Unique finishing solutions usually allow you to create not only the style of the room, but also the theme, which also facilitates the choice of room furniture.

Probably the most popular interior decoration material (without wood) in the installation of modern summer houses still remains plasterboard, which allows to realize unique variants of room layout and diversify the rustic style interior typical of wooden summer houses. However, it is important to remember that when covering the surface with gypsum boards, which open the possibilities for any wall and ceiling decoration, summer house should not be overflowing with chrome and concrete details. In order to maintain the interior of a modern style summer house, we offer to combine the walls or ceiling of geoboard with natural or treated wood, thus giving the space a modernity, but maintaining the natural accent of wood.

As for the floor of a wooden house, modern summer houses are characterized by quite a variety of variants – these can be made of natural wood panels or laminate with a wood or stone texture, there is also a choice of tiles or carpets, but the latter options are less common in modern style houses. The most important thing is not to focus on one aspect when considering the floor of the cottage – practicality. They, just like walls or ceilings, must fit into the overall interior of the room and create a cozy atmosphere.

Summer house interior colors

No matter what wall, floor and ceiling decoration you are going to choose, you should pay attention to one of the most important aspects – the colors of future rooms. Whatever wall colors you choose will not only determine the atmosphere and style of the room, the color will also affect the feeling of space and the lighting of the rooms. Based on general knowledge alone, it is not difficult to understand that the chosen light room colors will give the room much more light than dark ones. Due to the light colors chosen for the decoration of the room, you will feel more space than this really is, so the light colors of the walls, ceiling and floor should be especially well considered by the owners of small, limited space summer houses. A bright interior will become an irreplaceable solution even if the summer house lacks windows or the light through its windows is hindered by trees growing outside the window.

How to choose furniture for your summer house?

The tradition of transporting all used furniture to our summer house is still quite alive around the world, but with their help you will not create a modern, eye-pleasing interior, you will rather ruin the image, which will allow you to create a finishing investment.

As mentioned earlier, when creating a modern summer house interior, one should avoid bright colors, variegated patterns or gilded furniture, which are often used to enliven the rustic interior.

Probably the first thing to pay attention to when choosing the main furniture of the site – their color and the relationship with the colors of the walls. A rather simple, but especially modern solution that will create a look in the living room of the summer house – the contrasting color of the furniture and walls. A light sofa will enliven a dark room, and the dark color of the furniture will become an integral accent in a bright room.

So, while installing a modern wooden summer house should not forget not only its style, but also comfort, after carefully considering all the essential details, you will easily create not only a modern but also a comfortable lounge. Although a tree is a practically obligatory accent in a summer house built surrounded by nature, keep its moderate amount without fear of combining wood with other finishing materials. In this way, you will not only create a recreation area close to nature, but also maintain its modernity, which will also be ensured by unpretentious, subtly matched furniture. Once again, we emphasize that special attention should be paid to the color of the interior of the summer house, which will have a significant impact not only on the style of the house, but also on the feeling of comfort. And finally, do not be afraid of bright, original design accents that can enliven your modern interior and give it added value, because exclusivity decorates every home.

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