More and more people are starting to embrace a rustic aesthetic for their garden space. Modernity can be a fantastic design choice, but the only problem with chasing current trends is that it can become very out of fashion very quickly. With new build houses, there is always the worry that a contemporary space may not feel particularly homely or lived in. In response to this, a rising trend has seen using more natural textures within their environment. In this article, we will outline some interesting ideas to create a rustic aesthetic for your garden. Let’s take a look..

Crumbling walls and textures

Making a garden visually interesting is all about texture. Straight, well-kept lawns may look neat, but there isn’t a lot of visual variety. Repurposing old, distressed bricks as the perimeter walls of your garden is a relatively cheap, easy way to add a sense of authenticity and character to your outdoor space.

With brand new houses, that crumbling, old fashioned “cottage core” aesthetic is not as easy to fake. Many homeowners like the visual appeal of old thatched roofs or ivy clambering up old stone. You can instead achieve this look by decorating the fencing of your garden. Consider growing clematis vines on top of a series of trellises, as this will help envelop your garden with a more natural outline.

An enclosed space

Modern gardens often don’t offer an awful lot of room for privacy. Unless you have a house far away from any neighbours, the likelihood is that you will be able to see into an adjacent homeowner’s garden, and vice versa. Creating a border or edge to your garden space can help it to feel more like an enclosed, private getaway.

Whilst adding a border to your garden can feel claustrophobic, there are measures that can be taken to make this perimeter feel more organic. Building a permanent pergola with hanging planters can create a natural feeling shaded shelter, a perfect space for adding gardening furniture as a quiet place to escape to.


Repurposing materials from previous projects can make cultivating a rustic texture for your garden a relatively easy thing to achieve. A popular trend has seen the repainting of old furniture to use in your garden, or even using unusual objects for planters, including tyres, wooden crates, wine bottles or gas lanterns.

If you have materials from older building projects or garden themes going to waste, think creatively about how to reuse them. For example, an old, rusted BBQ would make a perfect, deep planter. Using found objects in this way is a great way to achieve this lived in feeling.

Recycled Materials

If you want to move beyond simply using old objects as planters, you can use recycled materials to make your own garden furniture. For example, you can reuse wooden pallets to create a simple garden sofa and table set, which can be easily decorated with waterproof furnishings, such as cushions or an outdoor rug.

One of the easiest ways to have more texture in your garden is to implement a garden flooring solution by way of decking. Thankfully, many green options are available, including recycled composite materials as a timber decking alternative. This way, you can still have that rich, gorgeous woodgrain texture whilst keeping your garden design environmentally conscious and long lasting.