62% of businesses use YouTube as the main tool for marketing their business and the products and services they offer to consumers. How do you create a YouTube strategy that’s informational and engaging for everyone that watches?

Creating the concepts for your businesses on YouTube is only half the fun. Below you’ll find out the steps you need to take before you hit record and start filming your next YouTube video to post to your channel.

Stream on.

Define Your Goals

What do you hope to achieve for your business when marketing with YouTube? Without goals creating videos to post to your channel won’t help you accomplish anything.

The goals you set for your business should be clear. The more defined they are, the better off you’ll be and the easier it will be to create a plan to achieve these goals.

Another reason to be as specific as possible as you create your goals is to ensure they can be measured. If it’s not measurable understanding whether you’re using the right plan to achieve your goals will be challenging to determine.

As you determine the goals, you want to achieve when marketing business online, you also need to consider your audience. The reason for this is to ensure you choose YouTube video topics that your audience will identify with.

Develop a Content Schedule

It’s important to publish regular YouTube posts for your audience to watch and share with their followers. A content schedule will help you determine how often during the week you wish to post and the topics you’re going to post on those specified days.

Another reason to have a content calendar is so you can visualize the plans you have moving forward. It also gives you an ample amount of time to make content changes if necessary.

Having a content strategy can come in handy if you’ve partnered with influencers. They’ll understand the days that they need to post their content in alignment with the schedule.

The schedule will also help you identify different ways to incorporate the current youtube trending topics throughout the month.

Have a System for Video Production

Any digital marketing campaign you launch should have a system that it follows before it’s published. A video production system will help you to keep content organized while ensuring it aligns with the brand of the company.

It will also eliminate areas of content that are redundant or unnecessary. This also allows for more meaningful information to be integrated into the content you’re creating and can set you up for more conversions in the future.

How to Create a YouTube Strategy 101: More Than Talking in Front of a Camera

To create a YouTube strategy, you’ve got to do more than sit in front of a camera and spread information about your company. You’ve got to have a strategy and steps you take every time you create and publish content.

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