The last couple of years have been particularly difficult when it comes to going out and socialising with loved ones. As the festive season draws closer, going out clothes and party styles are on everyone’s minds now that restrictions have been lifted. It’s the perfect time to stock up on your going out clothing now that people’s calendars are filling back up!

As we look towards the festive season of 2021 and beyond into 2022, Whispering Smith offer some top tips on what to add to your women’s collection to achieve the perfect going out styles.

What’s on trend right now?

The most recent trends have revealed a whole host of interesting and wearable styles that make for an exciting few months ahead! Together with individual preference and unique flair, this can result in a very promising women’s going out collection as we end the year.

Some of the most popular trends of the moment include colour block styles, with bright colours to brighten up the winter palette. Similarly, sequins are making a comeback just in time for the party season and we expect them to stay beyond the new year!

Other notable trends include cut out details and tartan prints for the perfect balance of work and play, along with micro minis for those times when you need to reach for your gladrags. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the types of items you should be including in your upcoming collections.

Embellished clothing

Ahead of the festive season but also into the start of 2022, it’s expected that embellished clothing will have its moment in the spotlight. From embroidered detail to sequins, anything goes when it comes to adding a little more pizazz and glamour to your women’s collection.

Look out for embellished jackets, dresses, tops and skirts to add to your going out collection with effortless style and flair. Whatever makes even the simplest piece of clothing more interesting will work wonders this season.

Business meets party

There are certain pieces of clothing that simply just work well no matter the occasion, and some of these styles can cross over into the workplace as well as a night at the local bar. Staple items like blazers and even leather trousers can be styled for a variety of occasions, making them the perfect addition to your collection for going out.

With work social events creeping back into the calendar, items like blazers, trousers, pencil skirts and such can help take your customers from the office to the pub in no time.


Metallic shades add a certain glamour to everything, whether it’s gold, silver, copper or rose gold. When you create clothing in these hues, you have something really special that makes a statement. Whether it’s for a Christmas or New Year outfit, or simply just for jazzing up your blouses and dresses, metallics are back in a big way.

Off the shoulder styles

Nothing says ‘going out out’ like showing a little bit of skin, and with this trend you’ll find the perfect balance while remaining demure and subtle. While off the shoulder styles aren’t new, they can add a whole new meaning to this year’s going out styles. From dresses to tops, showing off that bit of shoulder can really dress up an outfit.

Bringing a feminine edge to any style, off the shoulder can also be very bold and flattering.

Satin materials

The soft, eye-catching sheen of satin can elevate even the simplest of items, whether it’s a t-shirt, blazer or skirt. In particular, look for jewelled tones in satin, such as purple, royal blue and emerald green to really show off its luxurious feel and appearance.

Satin has a beautiful fluid and relaxed style, and works perfectly across an array of garments, from lingerie to suits.