Have you ever wanted to hang a hammock in your backyard for the spring and summer? What about when you’re out camping? You might even have wanted to set up an indoor hammock depending on your interior layout.

A lot of people decide to ditch the idea when they realize they don’t know how to hang a hammock properly. So how do you hang a hammock the right way?

That’s what we’re here to discuss. Read on to find out how to hang a hammock the right way.

Choose the Right Hammock

Before you hang one up, you first need to find the right hammock that suits your needs. Hammocks typically come in three styles: cotton, polyester, and olefin.

Cotton is soft and is perfect for naps, while polyester is extremely durable and lasts a long time. Olefin is a synthetic fiber that can withstand tough outdoor conditions.

Choose the best hammock depending on your needs and where you want to set it up. Speaking of which…

Finding the Best Spot

The next question you need to tackle is where you want to install your hammock. Regardless of whether you’re setting it up indoors or outdoors, you need enough space for proper installation.

People generally set their hammocks up between two beams or trees. If you’re installing it on a porch, you can also put attachments on the ceiling.

If you’re installing your hammock in a permanent spot, you’ll need different tools than if you want a portable hammock setup.

Find the Right Hammock Setup Hardware

For permanent hammock setups, you’ll probably use suspensions like ring buckles, j-hook anchors, and even chains.

These are incredibly strong and durable if you set them up correctly. They’re more reliable than having to tie knots, but they do harm trees and other surfaces.

If you’re more into hammock camping or just want to switch up your hammock position from time to time, then tree straps are for you.

They’re arguably the easiest hammock suspension equipment to use outside. They’re portable and lightweight but won’t harm any trees since they use methods such as Velcro tape or something similar to secure the hammock between trees.

Tree straps can’t be used in some indoor settings since they don’t attach to walls, but there’s hardly a better option for mobile hammock users.

Setting Your Hammock Up

Now that you’ve found the ideal place for your hammock and the tools you need to hang it, it’s time to set everything up.

You need about 14 to 16 feet apart between the two beams. The total distance will depend on how big your hammock is and the amount of tension that you want.

Leave about 18 inches between your hammock and the ground, so you don’t hit anything when you use it. Try different arrangements to find the right amount of tension and length.

Knowing How to Hang a Hammock the Right Way

Hammocks can be tricky for first-time owners, so having the right equipment and knowing the right steps is key. Now you know how to hang a hammock the right way.

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