How to Kick Start Your Career in Modelling in 2022 – Everything You Need to Know!

Did watching fashion shows inspire you to become a model? Until you plunge into your dream career, we would like to inform you that what you see on social media or television is only the …


Did watching fashion shows inspire you to become a model? Until you plunge into your dream career, we would like to inform you that what you see on social media or television is only the final stage of the modelling business. A lot of effort goes into model making in the UK or elsewhere. Therefore, here is a brief guide to help you prepare better on how to get into modelling UK.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Strengths

The first step to kick starting your career in modelling is to know your strengths. By this, we mean, do you have the confidence to pose in front of the camera? Are you comfortable in your skin to present with the flair, couture of high-end clothing brands? You must assess your skills and talent to know what will make you stand apart from the rest. You also do this to narrow your search and establish which kind of modelling you would want to go after. Set up a small studio at your home and photograph yourself from varied angles. Understand your features! If you have it in you, then there is no going back.

Step 2: Know Your Niche

Once you have analysed your strengths and are certain that modelling is for you, the next step to hop on is to know your niche! You may wonder why is that required? Let us explain! Plenty of models apply every day and face rejection. In order to reach the top and be successful, is it imperative to streamline your career path.

One of the best parts of modelling is that it offers various categories to choose from, such as Fashion Modelling, Catalogue Modelling, Petite Modelling, Plus-Size Modelling, Commercial Modelling, Fitness Modelling, Part Modelling and the list can go on! Select the one you believe is idle for you and favours you before you begin your modelling career, as it will aid in flourishing your modelling career.

Step 3: Build an Authentic Portfolio

A portfolio is a crucial step in your career. How else recruiters and casting agencies are going to judge your craft? Your portfolio must be a true reflection of who you are! A portfolio includes details such as name, weight, height, model type (niche), measurements and contact information. Apart from this, your portfolio must consist of professionally shot photographs of you. It is advisable to hire a professional photographer to do the needful. Also, hire a professional graphic designer to craft a distinctive portfolio for you.

There are two sets of portfolios required. One is the traditional printed portfolio which is just like your CV of the model world, which includes all your details along with your photographs. The second one is an online portfolio, also known as an e-book. An E-Book is a PDF version of the same printed portfolio. An e-book gains the upper hand as it can be edited and updated easily without discarding the whole portfolio.

Always remember to carry both your portfolios, one in a printed format and the other in a pen drive to all casting interviews. Also, note to update your portfolios from time to time.

Step 4: Aid Agencies in Spotting Your Talent

Now you may wonder how you can help agencies spot you and your talent? Of course, it is! As a newcomer, you have to gain as much exposure as possible: the more networking you do, the more chances of being noticed by reputed casting agencies and directors. At the inception of your modelling career, you would not want your talent shunned away or spotlight stolen away by competition. Thus, here are a few ways in which you can get noticed and create your spotlight:

  1. Email: Once your portfolio is ready, your next job is to email it to plenty of fashion agencies and casting directors. Search for genuine agencies online and drop in your email. You could also visit their websites and apply directly through contact forms. All reputed agencies have an expert team to manage applications/emails, so don’t worry; you will get a call back soon.
  2. Fashion Events: Fashion events look more like parties and get-togethers for an outsider, but, as an insider, you must be aware that these events are more about networking. If you get access to these parties, you must never miss the opportunity. You would come across many leading and ace directors and talent management companies, subtly approach them and strike a worthwhile conversation. You never know, an introductory discussion could leave a lasting impression, and you might land with your first modelling assignment! Also, remember to carry your Z-Card (Model Business Card). Recruiting agencies may forget your details, or you may not find a pen/paper to share your details. It is always easier to slide in a crisp Z-Card, as it looks more sophisticated.
  3. Social Media: It’s 2022, and if you still don’t have a social media profile, you are definitely lagging. With the evolution of technology and booming digital connections, agencies resort to popular social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook to scout models. Having a professional social media profile only adds more points to your bag, as agencies can scroll through your pictures and evaluate your talent. Also, having a good number of followers shows that the audience already loves you! Through social media, you could also sign up to modelling casting groups online, and also do not forget to put #scoutme in your posts to let people know you are seeking opportunities.

Step 5: Find an Agency That Is In Line With Your Goals

The next step is a little daunting but crucial – finding and signing a leading and legit agency. Before signing any agency, always research their background and check if it aligns with your goals. Avoid scams and do not sign with any agency that asks you to pay before hiring you. You can have a word with the existing and previous models to understand their work culture. Do not sign any contract unless you are fully aware of all the clauses mentioned and are comfortable with them.

What To Do At Interviews And Castings?

You have now attracted attention and guess what happens next? You finally get that phone call, and you get invited to an interview and eventually to a casting! Once you have reached that stage, here’s what to do next:

  • The most important thing to carry with you for an interview is your Portfolio (Printed and PDF format), a catalogue of 10-12 professional photographs and your Z-Card.
  • Present yourself with confidence – body language is the key when presenting yourself. You should also research the dress code, dress for success, and remember that smiling takes fewer muscles than frowning.
  • Be professional, dress and conduct yourself professionally.
  • Follow up with the organisations.

Lastly, remember, keep practising, never give up, be consistent and persistent. Modelling requires patience and determination to cope with rejection and irregular working hours. The show must go on, and so must you until you’re a top model!

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