Warnings around global warming have been around for quite a while, and many people recognize that summers in general are getting warmer – just think of the 2021 heatwaves as an example.

Many experts predict that temperatures will continue to rise over the coming years. The Centers for Disease Control warns that heat can be detrimental to people’s health, especially for the vulnerable, the elderly and the very young.

These facts sound alarming, but with modern technology, humans can weather these fluctuations. A solid air conditioning system will help keep your home at the perfect temperature, even when the outside temperatures soar.

If you are not sure whether your system is up to the task this year or not, here are a few indications that will help you know if you may need to budget for an AC replacement this summer.

Your AC Frequently Breaks Down

This is your number one indication. If you regularly have qualified HVAC technicians to carry out an annual service, but there are still breakdowns, your old faithful is starting to say, “It’s time to recycle me.” Good maintenance can extend the life of an HVAC unit but eventually, too many parts become worn out, and the breakages occur with more and more frequency.

Your Unit Was Installed More Than 10 Years Ago

Your faithful HVAC unit lives outdoors and is exposed to extreme temperatures all year round. This rugged system has to put up with heat, humidity, and even ice while running for hours.

Modern materials help keep these units going for 10 to 15 years, but eventually, the components will start failing. Regular maintenance helps to keep the evaporator unit happy and healthy. Still, and after 10 years, the likelihood of things going wrong get more likely.

As your repair costs start to add up, it may be time to replace the entire unit instead of continuing with the costs and inconvenience of repairs.

It’s also important to note that if your HVAC was fitted over 10 years ago, it might use a refrigerant gas called R-22 Freon. As of 2020, the USA no longer produces Freon. So, if your AC unit needs a Freon refill, there will likely be none available. If you choose to use another gas, you will need to replace other components at the same time, adding to the cost of the repair.

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

Your energy bills should not change a great deal over the months, and the fluctuations you see should be minimal.

If you haven’t changed your energy habits, but your energy bills are starting to reach for the stars, it could be that your system is malfunctioning or it’s becoming inefficient. This forces it to run for longer and longer to maintain the desired temperature inside the house.

To Sum Up

Higher energy bills, aging equipment, and frequent breakdowns are all indicators that a new AC unit should be in the budget this year. Don’t wait until mid-summer and the temperatures are skyrocketing. Act now, and beat the rush.