How To Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Has your concern for the environment and its many resources encouraged you to want to reduce your carbon footprint? As news of natural disasters and renewal resource shortages and their impact on human and animal …


Has your concern for the environment and its many resources encouraged you to want to reduce your carbon footprint? As news of natural disasters and renewal resource shortages and their impact on human and animal life becomes more apparent, more people are encouraged to make a change. If you’re new to sustainability, you may wonder what you can do besides recycling and going paperless to support the cause. Below are some practical suggestions.

Walk Or Ride A Bike

Vehicles are a modern convenience that makes daily commuting and leisure travel more convenient. Unfortunately, cars also cause significant damage to the environment. If you want to live a more sustainable life, consider walking or riding a bike when you can. It reduces carbon emissions and air pollution, which is ideal for the environment. Walking or riding a bike are also excellent exercise methods for optimal health and wellness. Finally, it can save you a ton of money on gas (which is through the roof right now).

Buy An Electric Vehicle

Not all neighborhoods are designed for walking or riding a bike. There are also times when your commute is far. When you need to drive, why not do it in a car that is safe for the environment? Electric vehicles (EVs) are cars, trucks, and SUVs that operate on energy from your home or public charging station. Over the years, these vehicles have advanced in performance and technology to give motorists everything they need behind the wheel.

Start A Garden

Growing plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables does wonders for your health and the planet. It cleanses the air, nourishes the soil, combats global warming, feeds the ecosystem, and reduces the need for mass transportation of produce from farmers and manufacturers. Gardening is also therapeutic and a great pastime to try alone or with someone you love. As you grow your own food, you’ll also find that your health improves as you consume fewer harmful pesticides and chemicals. You can start a garden in your window or a small patch in your backyard and have a sizeable harvest in just a few months.

Shop Locally

Consider purchasing from local businesses when buying goods that you need or want. It saves you the trouble of commuting far and reduces retailers’ need to ship products to you. Buying locally also ensures you get the freshest (or best quality) products. Finally, it supports your local economy and improves employment opportunities for community members.

Support Sustainable Businesses

Whether buying locally, long-distance, or online, consumers have a lot of purchasing power. As it is essential for businesses to implement sustainable practices to save the planet, where you choose to shop has a significant impact. Opt to spend your money with companies that prioritize sustainability. You can switch to sustainable cosmetics and skincare products, buy clothes from brands that use sustainable materials, or order products with your sustainable debit card from companies that have streamlined their production and shipping processes. The more money you spend with these establishments, the more it encourages other companies to prioritize sustainability.


Modern devices and entertainment sources are convenient but require a lot of energy to operate. If you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, consider unplugging more frequently. Find ways to stay entertained or connected to loved ones that don’t involve your smartphone, internet, television, or mobile device. Get outdoors and explore, host a family gathering, read, play board games, plan day trips, lounge in your backyard, or attend community events.

There is no ignoring the impact of modern living on the environment. If we don’t start making necessary changes, life as we know it will cease to exist. While you may not be able to control government policies or business practices, you can do your part by adopting a sustainable lifestyle. If you’ve started with the basics, the above ideas can help you do even more to save the planet.

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