The bathroom is a vital part of any home and it requires ventilation as much as the rest of the house. That means you need to add windows there too. Any bathroom that is spacious and well ventilated will give the illusion of a larger bathroom. But if you have a small bathroom and can’t add more square footage to it then how to make it look bigger? Well, you can always add Canadian Choice Windows & Doors. Do some vanity decoration and do some simple changes in a bathroom setting. It won’t make the bathroom any bigger, but it will look spacious and larger. Have a look below for tips.

1. Brighten your bathroom

The answer to how to make a small half bathroom look larger is to brighten it up. You can add big windows that allow sunlight. If you cannot manage a big window, try ventilators. They will allow light and keep the bathroom air clean. Use Toronto and GTA Windows in your bathroom if you live in the vicinity of Toronto. If somehow you are not able to manage natural light, then you can add a few lights to the ceiling. Countertop lamps and adding a few fancy lights over the mirror can make the bathroom lit.

2. Use the bigger mirror

If you want your bathroom to look bigger then get the biggest mirror that can fit into your bathroom. Mirrors can become a focal point in your small bathroom if you use them smartly. Mirrors reflect light, it will double your bathroom space both in and out and give a dramatic open and bright look. You can choose a beautiful frame as it will look more artistic in the bathroom or you can go with a wall-to-wall custom size without the frame as it will look contemporary and expensive. Without a frame, the mirror will complement other accessories in the bathroom and harmonize the space. You can have the glass walls in the bathroom instead of real walls to make it larger and modern as well.

3. Clean and organized space

When you have a small bathroom, you really need to be careful about cleaning and organizing your little space. You can manage the space by using open shelves where you can put your towels, bath accessories, and stuff. Be creative with the arrangement of shelves and use wooden or plastic baskets on these shelves to keep your stuff organized.

4. Use vanity cabinet carefully

A vanity cabinet in the bathroom can be nice storage for you but it doesn’t have to be big. If you have an old big vanity cabinet, then remove it and update it with a floating vanity cabinet under the sink along with a small towel and linen shelf. Less is more so remove all the unnecessary hanging racks and other decoration stuff to make your bathroom look spacious. Try an actual plant in the bathroom window to spread positive energy around.

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