With many marketing strategies, a lot of companies will choose to focus on content marketing to build their presence online. With the aim of reaching new audiences and pushing their brand onto the latest online platforms. To entice a new audience a voice that captures your brand is a must and Catherine Nikkel can help you with that. Working within a crowded online marketplace can be challenging for companies to find the perfect approach to making their content stand out online and boost their SEO. With your feeds and search pages showing you the latest from only a small selection of targeted companies, it seems very few have the perfect approach. Clickasnap understand the importance of standing out online and encourage this with the use of bold, striking, and unique imagery.

Bold and Interesting Imagery

You may currently consider adding imagery to your content as unnecessary and just a way to make your pages or feeds look the part. With audiences’ attention being captured within seconds, imagery is vital in gaining new readers, followers, and ultimately customers. With this in mind, it is very important to find bold, eye-capturing images that will represent your brand and the content it is complimenting. With millions of images online, you should take this important step seriously, to find something unique that will gain the interest of new readers and audiences. Images will also help to break up large chunks of text, which many users will choose to ignore. Remember to keep your imagery in line with your branding, and your consumers will immediately begin to recognise your content online.

Keep it Fresh

No one wants to see or read content they have seen hundreds of times before. Keep your content fresh and appropriate to your audience. Recycling your content will only negatively affect your SEO and will see your audiences drop off to seek new and interesting content. In a competitive online world, your content needs to be seen as ‘the latest’ to keep your audiences intrigued and wanting more. This can be said for both images, videos, copy, and blogs.

Take a Simplistic Approach

Our feeds can so easily become over-saturated, with thousands of images and pieces of content at our fingertips. This can all be very overwhelming, particularly when seeking information. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to take the simple approach. Build a rapport with your consumer and an understanding of what it is they want to see. If you are looking to answer their questions in a blog post, keep it simple, making it easy for your audience to find what they are looking for. A complimentary image on a blog or article like this could help act as a reminder of the focus.

Stay Consistent

Sticking with a content marketing plan and staying consistent with this will provide positive results. Your use of imagery and written content will work to benefit your presence online and boost engagement. Keeping this content, whether it be social media, blogs, online content, consistent will help boost your brand’s presence online. Producing this content regularly will allow you to gain the trust and interest of new and existing audiences. Allowing your company to stand out online as being a reputable organization with online content to be proud of.