How To Make Yourself Cry – Tips to Burst on the Spot

There was a time when the appearance of tears was a curious trait of nature. But no more. Scientists are working day and night to show us that crying is a complicated feature. And it …

How To Make Yourself Cry

There was a time when the appearance of tears was a curious trait of nature. But no more. Scientists are working day and night to show us that crying is a complicated feature. And it can help us become better human beings. Whether you are an actor or you want to show emotions, crying is a useful tool. But how to make yourself cry?

Well, start by practicing. Few tears can help you sell a convincing story. And knowing how to cry on the spot is a great skill.

The Science of Crying

We said before that crying was once a mysterious thing. But in the past decade, scientists and researches made huge progress. Now, we know the science behind crying.

Crying helps us not only to process particular situations but also to benefit from them. Fun fact: we are not the only creatures that cry. Chimpanzees and other apes that communicate vocally can cry.

But our capacity to cry emotionally shows our unique ability to show compassion and empathy.

What makes us cry?

Look at newborn infants. They will help you solve the crying mystery. They cry when they are in pain. Infants also cry when they are hungry. And they cry when they are uncomfortable. In other words, we cry when we have a rough time.

Infants start showing tears after a few months. At this point, they want attention and want to be held. Or, they become frustrated. Any intense emotion whether it is bad or good can trigger crying. We cry because of overwhelming happiness. But we also cry when we feel devastating grief.

When we are young, we cry because of pain. But as we get older, we find a way to manage physical pain. Instead, we cry as a result of loss and separation.

Tears can also come when you experience mixed emotions. For example, the relief and joy of graduation. You know you’ve accomplished something, but you also cry for the beautiful school memories. They are gone. This is just one of the things to make you cry.

Simply put, crying is a response to stress on the autonomic nervous system. This is the system responsible for involuntary behavior. When we cry, we recover from the height of the trauma. Our stress hormones decline as we cry.

Benefits of Crying

This might come as a surprise, but there are many benefits of crying. Now, that doesn’t mean you should use how to fake cry on command for the benefits of crying. But there is a silver lining in crying.

When we cry, we produce tears. They contain special chemicals such as nerve growth factor. Tears also have an antidepressant and stress-reducing effect.

Tears can also show your emotions to others. They help you communicate the intensity of the emotions you feel. And in some cases, tears show your vulnerability. Cries are usually a cry for help or at least some caretaking.

We know there are many things to make you cry fast and videos to make you cry. These usually play with your emotions. For example, watching a baby animal and her mother. These things and videos aim at your emotional side.

And if you want to evolve as a person, you definitely have to cry. Research shows that more than 70% view people showing emotions as more human. Another research published in 2010 showed that more than 40% of women working in offices cried to get through a rough period. In a way, crying helps people bond and band together. And that is important for our survival.

Best ways for How to Make Yourself Cry

Here are some methods that will help you fake a cry or cry on the spot when needed.

Method 1 – The Oil Way

For this method, you need Olbas oil or menthol stuff. You will sniff them. Put the oil on a tissue, and then blow your nose with the tissue when you want to start crying. Rub it under your eyes for extra effect.

Method 2 – The Sad Music

How many times have you cried listening to music? Some music can really bring tears down. Listen to sad music. And while listening, imagine things like someone you know dying or other things you find sad.

Method 3 – Yawning

For this method, you have to be tired. Your eyes will start producing water within seconds when you yawn. When you yawn, cover your mouth so nobody can see you.

Think of sad thoughts while yawning. Try not to blink, and then blink rapidly. Now, stare at the person or the stage you want to show your tears.

Method 4 – The Staring

This is one of the more successful methods even professionals use. If you want to know how do actors cry on set, this is one of their secrets. Refrain from blinking for a few seconds. Generally, you need to refrain from blinking for about 20 seconds. Deliver your lines and act as you normally do. But make sure you do not blink while delivering your lines. Tears will come down afterward.

Method 5 – Laugh

How to make people cry? Tell a bad joke. Joking aside, laughing is a great way to produce tears. You have probably experienced this. You go through a surreal moment and you cannot say whether you are laughing or crying.

For this method to work, try laughing while you conceal your face. At the same time, you can use your hands to rub your eyes.

Method 6 – Pluck hairs

This is another go-to method for actors. It is easy and simple, yet somewhat painful. Do not rely on it too frequently. You might end up with no hair to pluck.

The trick is to pluck a hair out of your nose and tears will come down your face.

The Importance of Hydration

If you want to know the secret to how to cry on stage, it is hydration. Notice actors drink a lot of water before filming and before appearing on stage. Hydration is crucial if you want to summon tears on the spot.

When your body faces dehydration, it cannot waste water to make tears. So, drinking water and a lot of water is a condition for crying.

Tips and Warnings

Now that you know the methods for how to make yourself cry, let’s share some tips for maximum efficiency.

  • Keep your eyes open until you feel tears
  • Breathe a little faster
  • When you want to fake a cry, do not think of too sad things, because you might go over the top
  • Do not try to fake cry using oil or similar methods if you wear contacts
  • Honestly, do not fake cry if you wear contacts that will dry them
  • Be careful if you rub your eyes, do not do it vigorously
  • Do not look directly into the person you are selling the fake tears to

If All Else Fails

If nothing works, it is time for the last resort method for how to make yourself cry. All you need are some onions. Chop some red onions or any onions. Red onions are the most powerful and they produce the most tears.

But be careful. Hide the evidence, so that people do not suspect your fake cry.

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