Getting the most out of the hours you have available is critical to a healthy, happy life. The time you spend doing one thing, after all, will limit the amount of time you can commit to the things you really value. If you’re compulsively emails, scrolling through Instagram, or staring into space, then you might not have the time you need for family time, recreation, and exercise.

Nowadays, optimising your daily schedule is something that just about everyone is concerned with. In most cases, making improvements is simple: you just have to identify where you’re going wrong, and change your habits and environment.

Let’s take a look at a few minor changes which, cumulatively, might make all the difference to your life.

Organising your space

If you’re surrounded by clutter, then you’re at increased risk of stress. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when the space around you is clear. So, make the time to declutter, and reap the benefits of increased calmness and focus. Make a habit of doing this at regular intervals. If you can go through all your stuff and dispose of what you no longer need every few months, you’ll probably find that you get everything done a lot more quickly, and with less stress.

Tackle Easy Chores

A select handful of chores will dominate much of your time. Anything you can do to shave a few minutes off each of them will compound nicely over months and years. In some cases, you might find that you can shave a little bit off a particular task whenever you have a few spare minutes.

So, if you’ve got fifteen minutes free, why not do a little bit of tidying up. It’s better to put a little bit of effort in here and there than to save it up for one gargantuan ordeal.

Get the Admin Done

MOTs, insurance and council tax can seem like an avalanche of paperwork if you’re not prepared for it. Here’s where simple to-do lists can be enormously helpful. You can get them down using pen-and-paper, or use an app that’s made for the purpose. You can book your MOT online these days, which makes it easier than ever to stay on top of the task.

Cancel Unused Subscriptions

If you’re paying for something that you aren’t using, then you could end up more out of pocket. This will mean that you have spend more time working to earn those missing pennies back. You might not notice the impact of a single unused subscription – but when you have dozens of them rolling constantly, the strain on your finances can be considerable. Make a point of doing a regular audit to ensure that you’re not paying for something you aren’t using.