In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Americans are spending an average of four extra hours each day in their homes. That adds up to more than one whole day each week and more than two months over the course of a year!

But being at home can be stressful when clutter sneaks in and makes spaces feel cramped and disorganized. If you’ve been wondering how to organize your home to beat the clutter once and for all, look no further. Here are the top five tips to declutter your home and turn your space into the well-organized haven you deserve.

Step 1: Break It Down

Organizing can be overwhelming if you try to do too much all at once. Set yourself up for success by breaking the task down into bite-sized pieces.

Go room by room or even tackle just one drawer or closet at time. Give yourself plenty of time. While this will make the process take a little longer, it will also provide the best and most sustainable results.

Step 2: Enlist Help

One of the most powerful but often overlooked home organization tips is to get others involved. Inviting your partner, kids, and anyone else you share living space with to join you in the organizing process:

  • Lets you get their input on priorities and habits
  • Makes them more invested in helping maintain the cleaner, more organized space
  • Makes the job go faster

Step 3: Declutter

If you aren’t sure how to declutter your home or even where to start, you’re not alone! While there are many approaches, here are a few tried-and-true methods:

  • Throw out anything that is broken or expired
  • Throw out or donate anything you no longer need, use, or want and items you have duplicates of
  • Corral seasonal items for long-term storage so that they do not take up valuable day-to-day real estate
  • Group like items together in the areas where you will actually use them
  • Identify items that rarely make it back to where they belong or pieces that don’t seem to have a home and look for new ways and places to store them that might be a better fit

Step 4: Invest in Home Organization Solutions

Investing in the right tools can make any job easier and organizing your home is no exception. Buying a few bins, baskets, or shelving units can go a long way toward keeping your things in order from day to day.

Consider taking your pursuit of home storage solutions one step further by investing in off-site storage, as well. Portable storage containers make organizing bigger pieces, seasonal items, and things best suited to long-term storage a snap. Check them out to see how much valuable real estate you could gain in your home by using off-site storage for infrequently used items.

Step 5: Create Systems

Once you’ve put in the hard work to clean up your space, make sure it stays that way by implementing simple but consistent systems and habits. This will prevent clutter from moving back in and keep your home a beautiful, comfortable place to be.

How to Organize Your Home

Taking advantage of the best tips, tricks, and strategies for how to organize your home is only the beginning. Check out our other great lifestyle articles to explore ways to get the most enjoyment from your decluttered space today.