The time has come to plan your best friends Hen Do. The pressure is on you to have ideas but, it’s now time to bring everyone together and make it a weekend she will never forget. Once you have planned and booked your relevant travel, accommodation, and activities the rest will be a breeze. So, if you need some advice on how to plan the best Hen Do, then look no further.

Firstly, you should speak to the bride about her criteria for the trip. Some brides like to have an input whereas others prefer the element of surprise. Whichever she may prefer, having a chat with the bride beforehand will give you a better idea of her needs, dreams, and wishes for the trip. As well as putting her mind at ease, this will also give you a better idea of what you can do to make the Hen Do as special as possible.

Next, you need to create an invite list. The Hen Do invite list will most likely be determined by the bride. However, it is your job to bring them all together and invite them to the Hen Do.

Once you have your list of invitees, setting up a group online is a great way to solidify your plans and ideas in one place. You can discuss things like possible dates. You will already have a list of dates from your bride (as she is the most important person at the Hen Do) but you can also determine when the best date will be for your attendees. Once you have landed on a date that most people can do, you can plan your travel.

The location of the Hen Do will determine how you travel there. For example, if you are travelling abroad, then individual tickets will need to be purchased. Alternatively, if you are all travelling within the UK, a GroupSave train ticket could be the perfect option. Not only does this keep your travel costs down but it is also a great bonding experience to start the Hen Do with a bang.

Next, you need to plan some activities. Typically, a mixture of fun activities and relaxing moments work as it ensures no one becomes too tired. So, think about what activities the group would want to do and book them before they become too expensive.

You need to give out the final details to the Hen Do attendees and ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time. Remember, if you find you have too much to organise, delegate responsibility across the group everyone will be willing to help.

Finally, enjoy the trip!