How to Prevent Your Video Game Backlog from Becoming Overwhelming

As kids, many of us could only dream of having more video games than we could ever possibly play. However, as adults, we’ve come to discover that insurmountable video game backlogs are far from uncommon. …


As kids, many of us could only dream of having more video games than we could ever possibly play. However, as adults, we’ve come to discover that insurmountable video game backlogs are far from uncommon. With such an abundance of fascinating titles being released by both AAA developers and ambitious independent studios, there’s little wonder as to why so many gamers have shelves and hard drives full of unfinished games. Anyone looking for tips on preventing video game backlogs from becoming overwhelming should consider the following pointers.

Don’t Purchase Every Title at Launch

It’s easy to see why so many of us are driven to purchase games at launch. For one thing, there’s the inherent excitement of getting something brand-new. Furthermore, if you’ve been following a game’s development for years, it’s only natural that you’d be champing at the bit to purchase it as soon as it’s released. To sweeten the deal, many retailers offer pre-order bonuses for various titles.

If you fully intend to tackle a game immediately, purchasing it at launch is a sound decision – especially if it’s a title you’ve been eagerly anticipating. On the flipside, if you won’t realistically be playing this game for at least a few months, you’d do well to hold off. Despite being fairly pricey at launch, many video games quickly drop in price, and there’s no sense in spending upward of $60 on a game you don’t intend to play any time soon.

As is the case with most other products, the longer you hold off on buying video games, the less they’re likely to cost you. Furthermore, if you’re willing to wait for flash sales, you may be able to scoop up a plethora of pricey AAA games for a fraction of their original prices. So, in addition to being a boon to your backlog, exercising patience also stands to save you a small fortune.

Give More Thought to Your Purchasing Decisions

In addition to not purchasing every title at launch, you can also benefit from putting more thought into the games you do buy. So, the next time you’re tempted to purchase a new game, ask yourself how much this title truly interests you, how soon you’ll get around to playing it and how much enjoyment it’s likely to kindle. Taking a few moments to think over potential purchases can stop you from needlessly spending money on games you don’t truly want and adding to an already massive backlog.

Rank Unplayed Games by Level of Interest

It stands to reason that you don’t have an equal amount of interest in every unplayed game your backlog encompasses. While all of them may appeal to you on some level, some games are bound to appeal to you more than others. So, if you’re looking to make some headway into your backlog, why not assign each game a priority?

To start with, make a list of the various titles that populate your backlog. Next, assign each game a ranking on a scale of one to five, with one representing the lowest possible level of interest and five representing the highest. Once every title has received an appropriate ranking, you’ll have a better idea of which games to prioritize and be in a good position to start tackling your backlog in earnest.

Don’t Feel Compelled to Finish Every Game You Start

Gaming is a hobby that’s meant to bring people enjoyment and help them unwind. So, whenever a game creates stress or feels like work, you shouldn’t feel compelled to finish it. Abandoning games from which you no longer derive any merriment frees up time for games that you actually enjoy. Furthermore, if a lack of concentration or waning stamina levels have inhibited your enjoyment of your favorite games, consider giving gamer supplements a try.

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find a gamer who doesn’t have a large backlog on their hands. With so many games being released through big-name publishers and smaller indie outfits, it seems like staying on top of things requires unlimited leisure. However, while getting a handle on your gaming backlog may present a few challenges, it’s far from impossible. Gamers looking to prevent their respective backlogs from getting out of hand will be well-served by the tips outlined above.

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