Decorative lighting is one of the most simple yet effective ways to finish decorating a home. Decorative lighting not only produces a great amount of light but acts as an accessory in any room of any house. Instead of filling a room with cluttered decor, lighting fixtures can transform and help to enhance a room’s appearance. For those re-designing a room or entire home, here is some advice for using decorative lighting pieces to add the finishing touches.

Establish the theme or mood you are attempting to create

Firstly, to ensure you are able to achieve the look you want, you must establish the desired theme or mood of the room. With so many different styles of lighting to choose from, it can be hard to pick, but with a design idea in mind you can shortlist your top picks.

For example, if you want to design a contemporary room, choosing from modern light fixtures will help to compliment the interiors. In this instance grand, jewelled chandeliers just won’t work, instead consider more simple fixtures and current materials.

Consider the size of the room

To compliment your newly decorated room, remember to consider its size. When purchasing decorative lighting fixtures, you must be certain that they are not too big nor small. A lighting fixture can quickly become overbearing and can destroy the look and feel of a room if too big. Alternatively fixtures that are too small may not produce enough light or generate the desired impact you were hoping for.

Top tip: If you have fallen in love with a smaller fixture, you may be able to purchase a larger quantity from a lighting wholesaler, to create a lighting display that will fit just right in your new room.

Introduce textures and colours

Another factor to bear in mind when purchasing lighting fixtures is the textures and colours. Thinking about which materials and shades to choose from will help to finalise the design of your room. Your decorative lighting choice will bind together the decor with the furnishings and the fixtures of the room, so getting this right is more important than you may initially assume.

The material of a lighting fixture may also impact the light that is emitted. If you opt for a heavier material, this may dim the glow of the bulb. It is important to think about this when considering the amount of light you require in a room.

Style tips: Bamboo and woven fabrics are currently a popular lighting trend. Lots of people are opting for this material as a way to introduce a new texture or style into a room.

For those redesigning a room, there are plenty of lighting options available from leading lighting suppliers and distributors. Many of whom specialise in the manufacturing and sale of decorative lighting such as chandeliers, ceiling pendants, wall lights and more.